Infineon at CES 2019

Semiconductor technologies are the key components driving mega trends in today's society, from a security driven IoT and the mobility revolution to an energy-smart world. And everywhere you look, Infineon innovations are making life easier, safer and greener.

Thank you for joining us at CES 2019! We hope to see you next year at CES 2020.


At the Venetian we demonstrated how semiconductor solutions make life easier, safer and greener

From smart sensors that drive the future of human-machine interaction, secure technology enabling convenient contactless payment to efficient systems that save energy in work and in play,  everywhere you look Infineon’s innovations are making life easier, safer and greener. And with more and more “things” connected to the Internet generating massive data streams, Infineon’s cutting-edge solutions for data centers, chargers and adapters fully leverage the performance gains of gallium nitride (GaN) for high-speed switching applications


At the Westgate Pavilion we highlighted our solutions for intelligent mobility

Intelligent, autonomous and efficient personal vehicles are part of the future of smart cities. As the leading semiconductor partner and a key driver in the ever-advancing pace of digitalization in the tech industry, Infineon provides critical building blocks for the future of intelligent mobility.


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