About AdvanIDe

AdvanIDe – Advanced ID Electronics – is one of the leading semiconductor providers focused on components and value-added services and products that are typically being used in Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) transponders and readers, chip cards, security access modules, NFC and IoT devices. AdvanIDe works with leading card manufacturers, security and state printers, transponder manufacturers, OEMs and system-developers. AdvanIDe has been a long-term partner of Infineon since 1996 and broadened the range of blockchain applications for both companies. AdvanIDe’s capability with consulting and bringing partners up to speed on customized antennas and form factors for any object or package as well as configuration support will help to rollout solutions efficiently. AdvanIDe is well positioned to support with value-add products and services like wearables, industrial tags and custom labels for brand protection, service maintenance in industrual application or any other verticals.

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