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Inno.Wafer – Infineon’s startup cooperation program

Innovation and partnerships are part of Infineon‘s DNA. We walk the talk - together with startups we drive tomorrow‘s solutions.

Become part of our startup cooperation program Inno.Wafer: The wafer is the symbol for the semiconductor industry. However, the innovations we are looking for go far beyond pure semiconductor technology. They are about the applications that you can build with our products, the software that complements them or the process efficiency that we can gain as a global corporation.

Join the Inno.Wafer now and have Infineon as your customer, supplier or business partner on your side!

Independently and in addition to a concrete cooperation we offer mentorships to interested startups active in hardware or embedded systems (see more info on mentorships below)

Why cooperate with Infineon?

Infineon has a global network of semiconductor fabs and a complex supply chain. Startups with solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of our operations are in focus. Startups in this area ideally have already a first product on the market. Novel smart devices leverage an optimized combination of hardware and software. Infineon seeks startups that develop software which combined with our products enable new features. Infineon develops best-in-class sensors, power electronics, microcontrollers and security solutions for a broad range of areas as e.g. automotive, consumer & industrial products and energy distribution infrastructure. We seek startups that develop new hardware products that can leverage the unique capabilities of our products. Semiconductors is our core business. Are you a startup that works on technologies that enable next-generation semiconductors, e.g. GaN/SiC semiconductors, MEMS, or other innovative technologies?



You are a startup and interested in working with Infineon?

Check out how we will work together:

  • Your startup aims for a scalable business model, based on a wholly-owned or licensed intellectual property? (Pure service providers, consulting & engineering companies are not in our focus)
  • Your startup is a legal entity (Inc., LLP, GmbH, etc.) from any country, that is majority-owned by its individual founders and its venture capital investors? Your startup has a full-time management and development team?
  • Are you active in one of the areas mentioned above?
  • It’s a match! Together we will drive tomorrow‘s solutions.

You want to become an Inno.Wafer?

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