SiC technology - A cost-effective enabler of highly efficient power drive systems

This whitepaper explores the potential for Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology to significantly improve the efficiency of Power Drive Systems (PDS) in industrial applications. With Electric Motor Drive Systems (EMDS) consuming up to 46% of all electrical energy generated globally, the need for greater efficiency has never been more urgent.

We examine the regulatory and environmental factors driving the development of more efficient PDS, and the potential of CoolSiC™ technology to deliver highly efficient motor drives. Our analysis is based on measurements and simulations performed by Infineon and provides a detailed analysis of the costs and other benefits of adopting SiC technology in PDS.

Read this whitepaper now and discover the potential for CoolSiC™ technology to drive greater efficiency and sustainability in PDS.

Learn more about:

  • Global regulations to improve motor efficiency
  • How to improve the efficiency of Power Drive Systems
  • SiC technology – the key to greater efficiency
  • Comparison of the performance of SiC and IGBT in Complete Drive Modules
  • Cost-benefit analysis of SiC over IGBT

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