We make cars clean, safe and smart.

The automotive world is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Smarter cars, increasingly stringent emission standards and the rising demand for more sustainable modes of transportation are shaping the market and the future of mobility. Along with the benefits this rapid acceleration brings, new challenges are cropping up that affect a growing range of traditional and innovative automotive applications. That’s why today, more than ever before, it’s crucial to have the right partner to assist you in navigating the future.

At Infineon, we look back on 40 years of success and proven expertise in supplying high-quality semiconductors to electronic systems for the automotive industry. Today, our sensors, microcontrollers and power semiconductors help car manufacturers worldwide achieve their ever-higher challenging safety, affordability and efficiency targets. In terms of your projects, this means we are ready and able to help you design applications that, thanks to their lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption, pave the way for more sustainable mobility options. Discover how to use our products, insights and understanding to your competitive advantage.

Driving sustainable mobility

In an increasingly mobile society, carbon dioxide emissions are rising and fossil fuel reserves are dwindling. How can we power modern lifestyles while reducing their carbon footprint? Electronic components play a key role in increasing energy efficiency. Whether they are used to electrify the drivetrain of a hybrid electric vehicle or to improve the energy efficiency of a combustion engine or a vehicle subsystem.

Solutions for safer roads

The latest active, passive and preventative safety features in vehicles are essential to improving road safety and reducing the number of traffic fatalities. That’s why we continually improve the chipsets that enable safety features, ranging from stability control systems and reactive airbags to ADAS automotive systems like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.


Innovative sensor technology for the freeway of the future

CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss: "Connecting automated vehicles to digital control systems opens up new opportunities.
By reliably collecting and processing data from their surroundings, assistance systems will make driving safer and more convenient.
Exchanging data with the infrastructure and other vehicles will supply additional information, to enable anticipatory driving and improve the traffic flow.
Sensors, controllers, power electronics and security chips from Infineon make this development possible. Microelectronics is a key technology for automated and connected driving."

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Functional safety: exceeding the standard

The increasing number of electronic systems leads to ever more considerations for the functional safety of vehicle systems. At Infineon, we have adopted the ISO Standard 26262 for designing our products, as well as for the development processes required. For your peace of mind, automakers’ reputations, and the lives of people worldwide.

The next level of zero defects: As part of our mission to uphold the highest safety standards, at Infineon we adhere to a no-compromises policy for our products and services. This highly effective four-pillar program, covering customer satisfaction, lifecycle stability, deviation culture and quality leadership, really works. Our employees live by zero defects, always considering the highest quality requirements and understanding the importance of prevention. They are trained to have in-depth understand of the tools and methods, enabling them to avoid deviations and solve problems by addressing the root cause on technical and systemic levels.

Our commitment to zero defects means:

  • Infineon is the leading partner in terms of quality
  • Defect-free product launches
  • 100 percent fulfillment of defined stability parameters for development and production

Next level automotive security

As system complexity in cars grows, so, too, does the sheer volume of data that is processed and shared. Meanwhile, new cashless payment methods for toll roads and pay-to-use parking rely on secured transaction data. For reasons like these, among others, automotive application systems must be engineered to ensure information is kept secure and protected against external access and manipulation. Our proven expertise in chip card and identification systems are the basis for secured systems that protect a company’s assets and people’s personal information, while also contributing to enhanced safety on the road.   

Explore your automotive application of interest to find out how you can overcome today’s biggest design challenges with components and solution from Infineon.