Our divisions

We organize our operations in four segments: Automotive, Green Industrial Power, Power & Sensor Systems and Connected Secure Systems.


We shape the future of mobility with microelectronics enabling clean, safe, and smart cars.

The ATV division is shaping the future of mobility by enabling clean, safe, and smart cars. Our product and solution offering is powering the decarbonization and digitalization of vehicles. By driving the transition to hybrid and purely electric vehicles, we are making a valuable contribution to cleaner roads. We are also increasingly digitalizing cockpit, infotainment, comfort, and lighting applications as we take automated driving to the next stage with higher levels of connectivity, security, and safety. We are helping to navigate the evolution towards electrical/electronic (E/E) vehicle architectures and thus to software-defined vehicles.

The ATV portfolio integrates sensors, microcontrollers, high-performance memories for specific applications, power semiconductors based on silicon and silicon carbide, as well as components for human-machine interaction and vehicle connectivity. Infineon is the world leader in automotive semiconductors.

Green Industrial Power

We empower a world of unlimited green energy.

The GIP division delivers leading semiconductor solutions for the smart, green, and efficient conversion of electrical energy, covering all steps in the energy chain from generation through transmission to storage and consumption. Our broad range of target applications spans renewable energies, electric vehicle charging, industrial drives, trains, electric commercial vehicles, and home appliances.

Our product portfolio encompasses IGBT power transistors and the driver ICs that control them, flanked by an expanding lineup of solutions based on SiC. Our growing analytics, service, and software offering complements this wide spectrum – reaching beyond products to create additional value for customers. Infineon is the global number one in power semiconductors and GIP, with the broadest portfolio of SiC solutions for industrial applications, is leading the transition to wide-bandgap technologies. Our solutions handle energy more intelligently and efficiently – driving decarbonization for a better tomorrow.

Power & Sensor Systems

We drive leading-edge power management, sensing, and data transfer capabilities.

The PSS division powers decarbonization and digitalization with a wide range of energy-efficient and digital solutions. Our semiconductors help avoid carbon emissions, use resources sustainably, manage power effectively and intelligently, give ‘things’ smart senses, and process data quickly and reliably. The portfolio includes power, connectivity, RF, and sensor system technologies to develop smaller, lighter, smarter, and more efficient solutions for consumer devices, smart home/building applications, robotics, computing and data centers, charging devices, power tools, and much more.

The next generation of silicon and wide-bandgap (SiC and GaN) solutions provides unparalleled performance and reliability to power AI, 5G, big data, and renewable energy applications. These materials are paving the way for further energy and carbon savings. Highly precise XENSIV™ sensor solutions are enabling IoT devices to react intuitively to their surroundings for seamless user interactions while audio amplifiers are bringing exceptional sound experiences to smart speakers and other audio use cases.

Connected Secure Systems

We are at the heart of the IoT.

The CSS division is driving robust connections, reliable computing, and seamless security for a digitalized, decarbonized world.

Enabling secured consumer and industrial IoT systems, as well as smart, trusted transactions, we focus on hardware- and software-based technologies, providing our customers with an innovative portfolio spanning low-power microcontrollers featuring AI/ML, Ultra-Wideband (UWB), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth®/Bluetooth® Low Energy technologies, as well as combined connectivity (combo) solutions, and security solutions.

Our products and solutions cover a broad application spectrum including smart homes and factories, health and lifestyle electronics, cloud security, home appliances, connected cars, credit and debit cards, future payments, electronic passports, ID cards, and more.

In close alignment with our ecosystem partners, we create standard-setting solutions that inspire lasting trust among customers.