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Silicon Carbide (SiC) diodes and transistors are key components for modern and innovative power electronic solutions aiming for highest power density and efficiency. Those targets can be achieved by using the chips as standalone components or in combination with silicon power devices in power modules. SiC diodes in particular are enabling parts to further extend the capabilities of IGBT technology.


Due to the lack of stored charge, mainly the turn on losses of modern IGBTs can be reduced considerably, thus allowing higher switching frequencies and/or higher current handling capabilities compared to a corresponding purely silicon based solution.

Below, power modules with implemented SiC diodes in combination with IGBTs can be found where special care was taken to form an ideal pair leveraging the best available performance in the targeted applications.


Additionally, a CoolSiC™ based module including SiC transistors featuring a Half Bridge completes the options for the power design. Apart from enabling higher switching frequencies, the module presents a high flexibility due to the SiC JFET’s bidirectional conduction capability. Therefore it can be used as a step-up / down, as a bidirectional converter, or as a part of an inverter.


The number of power modules with SiC components will be complemented step by step with further parts, using either the combination of SiC diodes with silicon transistors or even SiC based transistors, currently based on the awarded CoolSiC™ technology.


No matter the power of the application, our power module SiC portfolio enables a more efficient design, ranging from packages like EasyPACK™ 1B/2B to larger packages like PrimePACK™.


Product Type Voltage Configuration Current Technology Housing
FF600R12IS4F 1200 V Dual 600 A IGBT2 Fast PrimePACK™ 2
DF200R12W1H3F_B11 1200 V Chopper 200 A HighSpeed 3 EasyPACK™ 1B
DF160R12W2H3F_B11 1200 V Chopper 160 A HighSpeed 3 EasyPACK™ 2B
DF80R12W2H3F_B11 1200 V Chopper 80 A HighSpeed 3 EasyPACK™ 2B
DF75R12W1H4F_B11 1200 V Chopper 75 A HighSpeed 2 EasyPACK™ 1B
DDB2U50N08W1R_B23 800 V Bridge with Chopper 50 A CoolMOS™ EasyPACK™ 1B
DF100R07W1H5FP_B53 650 V Booster with NTC 100 A TRENCHSTOP™ 5 EasyPACK™ 1B
F4-75R07W2H3_B51 650 V Fourpack 75 A HighSpeed 3 EasyPACK™ 2B
F4-3L50R07W2H3F_B11 650 V Fourpack 50 A HighSpeed 3 EasyPACK™ 2B
FS3L50R07W2H3F_B11 650 V 3-level 50 A HighSpeed 3 EasyPACK™ 2B
FS3L30R07W2H3F_B11 650 V 3-level 30 A HighSpeed 3 EasyPACK™ 2B

Infineon participates in the SPEED project supported by the European Commission


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Product image PrimePACKIGBT5.XT  



PrimePACK™ with IGBT5 and .XT

The innovative technologies IGBT5 and .XT will at first extend the well-known PrimePACK™ portfolio. With these new technologies the power density can be increased by 25% or the life time can be extended by a factor 10. More about our PrimePACK TM Modules with IGBT5 and .XT

Product image Easy 2B - Pressfit - blank  




Modules for Photo-voltaic String and Multi-String Inverters

Tailor-made modules for photo-voltaic string and multi-string inverters. Optimised inverter efficiency and performance can be achieved. Fast and solder-less assembly is possible using the proven PressFIT technology. Read more about our modules for Photo-voltaic String and Multi-String Inverters



PrimePACK™ with TIM  


Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

TIM is the abbreviation for Infineon`s new Thermal Interface Material. With the ongoing increase of power densities in power electronics the thermal interface between power module and heatsink becomes a larger challenge. Further information, such as articles, editorials and application notes are available.

Product image EconoPACK +_OEx  



EconoPACK™+ D-series

The innovative EconoPACK™+ D-series takes care of reliable and solderless press-in contacts with PressFIT auxiliary terminals. The PressFIT contacts provide also the flexibility for a solder process, if required. The D-series is focused on a rugged and robust module design by injected molded control and power terminals and ultrasonic welded power terminals. Make the next step with the EconoPACK™+ D-series

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Product Brief

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Application Brochure

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Application Notes

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Product Selection Guide

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Simulation Tool

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 CoolSiC™ - Revolution to rely on  

CoolSiC™ - Revolution to rely on

Infineon CoolSiC™ semiconductor solutions are the next step towards an energy-smart world. Combining revolutionary SiC technology with extensive system understanding, best-in-class packaging and manufacturing excellence, Infineon CoolSiC enables you to develop radical new product designs with best system cost-performance ratio.

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