24GHz Radar – Industrial

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24GHz Radar – Industrial

The BGT24M/L family is the largest and highest integrated 24GHz ISM band radar transceiver family currently in the market. It saves ~30% board space compared to discrete line ups. Infineon offers 4 different components, the BGT24MTR11 which combines one transmit and one receive channel, the BGT24MTR12 which comprises one transmit and 2 receive channels, and the BGT24MR2, a chip with 2 receive channels, combinable with both chipsets. Infineon recently released a new lower power, smaller form factor radar transceiver called BGT24LTR11 which comprises of one transmit and one receive channel.




  • Tank level meters
  • Street lighting projects   
  • Intruder alarms
  • Police speed meters
  • Intelligent door openers
  • Motion detectors
  • and many more


Product OPN Product Status Order Online Packages Green Budgetary Price €€/1k Frequency ICC Gain NF
Matching Results: 4                  
descending ascending           descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending
BGT24LTR11N16     - 24.00 - 24.250 GHz
45.0 mA
20.0 dB
10.0 dB


active and preferred




24.00 - 24.25 GHz
90.0 mA
26.0 dB
12.0 dB


active and preferred




24.00 - 26.00 GHz
150.0 mA
26.0 dB
12.0 dB


active and preferred




24.00 - 24.25 GHz
210.0 mA
26.0 dB
12.0 dB

24GHz Radar – Industrial

Application Notes

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990 KB 03 Dec 2013 01_00

Product Brief

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101 KB 27 Feb 2014
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Product Brochure

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Product Information

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Application Brochure

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24GHz Radar – Industrial

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL BGT24LTR11 BOARD 24GHz Radar – Industrial Sense2GoL Board
    on request

    PCB Design Data

    Title Size Date Version
    10 KB 26 Sep 2014 01_00
    84 KB 22 Oct 2013 01_00
    15 KB 22 Oct 2013 01_00
    83 KB 22 Oct 2013 01_00

    24GHz Radar – Industrial

    Video 24GHz Radar EBV

    24GHz - Intelligent motion sensor from Infineon with support from EBV


    Christopher Cameron, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Infineon gives insights to the motion sensing environment enabled by 24GHz radar.


    Lenght: 01:59 min


      Video 24GHz Radar


    Intelligent sensors using 24GHz radar technology


    This video introduces an intelligent sensor alternative to traditional passive infrared (PIR) sensors that are used for motion detection for applications such as lighting, security, and home automation.


    Lenght: 24:11 min




    Video Sense2Go Kit

    Getting started with the 24GHz Sense2Go kit


    This presentation walks the recipient of Infineon’s Sense2Go2 24GHz RADAR development kit from opening the package and installing the tools in the enclosed USB stick, to connecting to the PC, and programming the board using DAVE.  Using the XMC Link and DAVE4, we show the user how to import a project and display it on DAVE.


    Lenght: 07:31 min



      24GHz Sensing Webinar



    24 GHz Sensing - Webinar English


    This training gives an introduction on 24GHz ISM Band Radar Sensing technology and applications supporting presence and motion detection.


    Lenght: 15:21 min


    24GHz Radar – Industrial

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    24GHz Radar – Industrial