The right security for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Building confidence in an increasingly connected world

The Internet of Things (IoT) is moving from a centralized structure to a complex network of decentralized smart devices. This shift promises entirely new services and business opportunities. An increasingly connected world will see the growing networking and cloud-enablement of all sorts of physical devices from machines through cars to home appliances. It is even transforming manufacturing as we move towards the fourth “industrial revolution”. Accelerated by initiatives such as the German Government’s Industrie 4.0 (industrial internet) project, this stage of industrial development will see the emergence of smart factories powered and secured by smart semiconductor solutions capable of sharing information and optimizing processes across the entire value chain.

Security matters

The IoT is built on many different semiconductor technologies, including power management devices, sensors and microprocessors. Performance and security requirements vary considerably from one application to another. One thing is constant, however. And that is the fact that the success of smart homes, connected cars and Industrie 4.0 factories hinges on user confidence in robust, easy-to-use, fail-safe security capabilities. The greater the volume of sensitive data we transfer over the IoT, the greater the risk of data and identity theft, device manipulation, data falsification, IP theft and even server/network manipulation.

Partner of choice for IoT security

Infineon has developed a broad range of easy-to-deploy semiconductor technologies to counter growing security threats in the IoT. These solutions enable system and device manufacturers as well as service providers to capitalize on growth opportunities by integrating the right level of security without compromising on the user experience. Complemented by software and supporting services, our hardware-based products create an anchor of trust for security implementations, supporting device integrity checks, authentication and secure key management.

Broad portfolio of security solutions

For almost 30 years, we have been providing security solutions to protect users’ data and have already shipped nearly 20 billion security controllers worldwide. We are now bringing our market and innovation leadership to the IoT realm, supporting new, more sustainable ways of communicating and living. Our portfolio ranges from basic authentication products (OPTIGA™ Trust) to advanced implementations (OPTIGA™ TPM, OPTIGA™ Trust P and OPTIGA™ Trust E) protecting integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information to enable security in the IoT. Further highlights include M2M, Fidoboosted NFC, USB, RFID and My-d™ as well as CIPURSE™ innovations.

Across the full application spectrum, you can rely on us to deliver:

  • Value through greater differentiation at reduced cost to keep you one step ahead
  • Ease of deployment with no loss of user experience
  • Tailored, granular security functionality, balancing performance with cost
  • Reliability with high-quality products and a proven track record to reduce uncertainty in new business models


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The Right Security for the Internet of Things (IoT)
The Right Security for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Animation: How does authentication work
Animation: How does authentication work
Animation of secured Network Authentication
Animation of secured Network Authentication
Car Security in Everyday Life
Car Security in Everyday Life
IoT needs embedded security solutions
IoT needs embedded security solutions


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