Mobile Devices

The largest market in terms of volumes and with highest number of applications on a single platform today is that of mobile phones. With more than 1.5 Billion phones being shipped in a year worldwide. The major wireless applications in a mobile phone include primarily cellular communication and an increasing number of connectivity sub-applications like BT, WLAN, GPS, FM, mobile TV, NFC, etc. With more and more applications being integrated on a single platform, the trend of RF components is towards:

  • smaller ICs
  • higher levels of integration 
  • increased number of bands and modes
  • integration of multiple and new connectivity functions connected to a single antenna

Infineon offers most of the important building blocks for RF front-end systems. Our product portfolio addresses the requirement on these high performance RF devices by offering RF transistors, RF MMICs, RF CMOS switches, RF diodes. Besides RF devices, Infineon offers a broad range of ESD, ESD/EMI protection devices in super small packages (01005) and standard interface ICs with optimal performance and low power consumption.