Infineon brings ready-to-use multicopter solutions to a high-potential, emerging market. As a leading semiconductor company, we offer a complete system solution that includes every essential semiconductor, from power electronics, to controllers, to securities, to authentication, to sensors.

For multicopters, flying is the most critical application in terms of performance, efficiency and control. At Infineon, we cover all relevant aspects and address your precise needs, allowing you to design a highly-efficient multicopter capable of what counts most for consumers: long airtime. Here, the control is the soul of the system and our cutting-edge technologies and portfolio let you achieve a higher degree of innovation and differentiation. Additionally, our state-of-the-art security solutions can help establish a brand’s identity and help ensure brand protection.

Multicopters system diagram

Multicopter videos

Development of a full system solution: Multicopter - Teaser
Development of a full system solution: Multicopter - Teaser
Infineon's Full System Solution Multicopter-Flight Impressions
Infineon's Full System Solution Multicopter-Flight Impressions
Multicopter solutions from Infineon 3D Model
Multicopter solutions from Infineon 3D Model
Our solutions for your multicopters
Our solutions for your multicopters
Multicopter – Reliable and Durable System Solutions
Multicopter – Reliable and Durable System Solutions

Multicopter solutions from Infineon

In Infineon’s comprehensive portfolio of high quality products, you’ll find the widest spectrum of multicopter components on the market. We offer everything from XMC-controllers, to iMotion motor control, to magnetic sensors, and more – with the exception of one commodity, an IMU (inertial measurement units) for existing solutions. Take a moment to discover our game changing products.

As a key player in leading-edge projects for autonomous vehicles and advanced sensor solutions, we at Infineon offer game changing products, such as our 3D time of flight sensors, radar sensors and 3D magnetic sensors.

Product highlights

  • The XMC4500 flying control board offers a full system solution for multicopter
  • Up to 1MB Flash memory and 160kB RAM
  • Math calculation and DSP capabilities for flight cruise control
  • Outstanding analog/mixed signal features for open source inputs
  • Interface for GPS (breakout board)
  • Bluetooth interface possible (breakout board)
  • High resolution pressure sensor for altitude stabilization
  • Authentication with ORIGA™ onboard

Key benefits

Benefits Our offer

Development effort & cost reduction

  • With no or little experience in motor control, customers can implement the iMotion™ motor control IC and take flight
  • Project development can be reduced by 30% by using reference designs and the DAVE™ platform for microcontroller programming

Security & authentication

  • Enables authentication of components connected to the system and secure safety and protect product liability
  • Brand protection and a secured strong identity are provided by state of the art security products which are easy to integrate
Accuracy & easy control
  • Through the benefits of multifunction sensors, the user can experience an easy, stable, smooth and accurate control of the multicopter
  • Closed loop control of gimbal motor and sensors enhance camera stable and data transmission when recording video
  • The highly efficient components and effective flight control can make the multicopter lighter, which results in longer flight time

Collision avoidance

  • 24GHz can be used to measure the presence of objects, measure range, speed/velocity, determine proximity, and determine the position of object


A glance into the future

In the fast-growing multicopter market, Infineon is showing signs of quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for existing drone applications. Why? Research and development for multicopters offers many synergies with projects such as autonomous driving and unmanned aerial vehicles, both of which could potentially revolutionize the market and our daily lives.

In years to come, as energy efficiency and reliability grow in importance, and as new capabilities push the limits of power management and reliability, Infineon is ready to assist you in designing the next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles.

XMC4500 multicopter demoboard – full system solution

Components Offer

Flight controller source code

  • Open source IMU using standard interfaces/connectors to work with any commercial Engine Speed Control (ESC) and Radio Control (RC)
  • Software is used for academic education in several universities and hosted from MCI Innsbruck

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

  • Breakout-board for IMU Invensense MPU9050
  • 9-axis and 6-axis mode
  • High resolution pressure sensor for altitude stabilization


  • Interface for GPS breakout board
  • Infineon offers large product portfolio for GPS LNA

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • BLE interface possible (breakout board)
  • BLE based Android App for control of the multicopter

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