Room air conditioning

Smart and smaller, more powerful and energy efficient: today’s room air conditioning units must fulfill a growing list of demands. Because they’re used in private homes, quiet air conditioning systems are highly sought after. Functions such as stable and smooth starting, a wide range of operating speeds and vibration suppression round out the list of must-haves.

Designing room air conditioning units that boast such capabilities requires everything from low vibration components, to a low acoustic noise compressor, to reliable fan control, to sensor less field oriented control. Semiconductor solutions must also be energy efficient and reflect new form factors. Furthermore, units must work securely within a home automation network. Besides security, an excellent price-performance ratio is key, as are new features oriented to appliances of the future: smart appliances.

Room air conditioning class1-full-DC system diagram

Room air conditioning class2-full-std-efficiency system diagram

Air conditioning system components from Infineon

Infineon’s comprehensive portfolio of top quality semiconductors enables you to meet all the latest demands. Our components for room air conditioning systems deliver the reliability and energy efficiency you need to stand out from the competition. Easily achieve smaller or thinner form factors with smaller packaging and higher power density. Equipped with IGBT power semiconductors in discrete or module packages, driver ICs, highly integrated IPM solutions and XMC microcontroller from Infineon, the system you design will live longer, make less noise and consume less energy.

Choose Infineon and expect high efficiency, low vibration, a low acoustic noise compressor and fan control. Our solutions boast an integrated configurable PFC control for added flexibility and programmability. They also decrease system cost by integrating PFC and inverter IPM. For high-efficiency room air conditioning designs, discover our iRAM™ compressor, µIPM outdoor fan and iMotion™ controllers. We also offer the right products for standard efficiency units. When it’s time for connectivity, discover our authentication solutions, allowing you to securely identify devices within a home automation system.

Evaluation Board Description
EVAL-2EDL23I06PJ Optimized 600V half bridge gate driver IC with LS-SOI technology to control THT Highspeed3-IGBT IKP20N60H3 in TO220 package.
EVAL-6EDL04N02PR Full bridge 3 Phase gate driver IC with LS-SOI technology to control power devices like MOS-transistors or 180V IGBTs.


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