Airbag system

With their ability to save lives and reduce injuries, airbags have become a required safety feature in today’s automobiles. But despite their vitality, there’s enormous pressure to keep airbag costs as low as possible – without jeopardizing passenger safety. What you need concretely for airbag applications: scalable, flexible solutions and a system that meets ASIL D (ISO 26262) requirements.

Infineon offers you just that. We provide flexible solutions fit for both entry-level and high-end airbag systems all of which conform to the current ISO standards. Likewise, our extensive system expertise means you can turn to us for reliable answers to all airbag-related queries. And because Infineon delivers all components from one source, you can rest assured that your airbag applications will always work dependably.

System diagram for airbag system

System benefits

  • Airbag systems are standard in most cars and are mandatory equipment in many countries, saving thousands of lives
  • Infineon´s board product spectrum supports scalaility and flexibility for building systems from 4 to over 20 firing loops
  • Full range of airbag ASSPs ranging from pressure sensors for side crash detection to driver and transceiver ICs
  • High performance 32-bit AURIX MCU family with dedicated safety enables integration of multiple functions
  • The parts are optimized in terms of system interoperability as well as best price-performance ratio
  • This systems are mandatory to achieve highest possible scores in the various "New Car Assessment Programs" (NCAP) throughout the world and are even legislated in some countries