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Smart choice for smart factories - Infineon's full system solution for industrial robotics

The webinar will take place on January 18th, 2017

The robotic revolution has started! Industrial robots are set to join the ranks of innovative and disruptive technologies by changing industrial production processes. In addition, a new type of industrial robot, referred to as a collaborative robot, is capable of interacting directly with humans and working alongside them. By assisting workers, these robots will create new kinds of collaboration, synergizing robotic and human skill sets.

Join our webinar and learn how Infineon’s semiconductor solutions are empowering industrial robots, ensuring the safety of their “co-workers” and providing the highest security standards.

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Finding the Right Sensor for Your Automotive, Industrial & Consumer Designs

Sensors have never been more important than in our present connected world. But demands on sensor design continue to increase. For example, devices like autonomous multicopters and fitness monitoring wearables, as well as indoor and outdoor navigation, require the high-accuracy sensing of static and/or dynamic air pressure. As these applications are typically found in battery-operated devices, it is also essential to combine this accuracy with optimized low-power operation and reliability across a range of operating conditions.

New capacitive sensor technologies are enabling engineers to create accurate, miniaturized devices that satisfy demanding energy constraints and address reliability challenges. Webinar attendees will gain an understanding of Infineon's full range of sensor solutions, including:

  • The TLx493D family of highly accurate, efficient 3D sensors suitable for both consumer and industrial applications
  • The low-power, high-accuracy DPS310 for battery-powered and wearable applications

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Upcoming Webinars

Date Language Webinar Registration link
February 23th, 2017 Chinese Industrial Robotics Coming soon
March 30th, 2017 Chinese Wireless charging Coming soon
April, 2017 English Wireless charging Coming soon
April, 2017 Chinese CoolMOSTM CE Coming soon
May, 2017 English CoolMOSTM P7 Coming soon
June, 2017 English Multicopter Coming soon


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