Computing and data storage

Energy-efficient and top-performing data storage technologies

From personal computing and enterprise power to mission critical systems, computers and data storage have moved into the heart of everything we do today. Consequently, the demands placed on these applications are growing by the day. As customers scrutinize their bottom line, cost and energy efficiency have become particularly important. Computing and data storage designs are carefully engineered to dramatically reduce annual kilowatt-hour usage as well as annual operating costs without sacrificing performance. In a nutshell, by designing data storage systems that boast a high power density, are highly efficient and offer top performance you can give customers precisely what they want.

High-performance computing solutions from Infineon

At Infineon, we understand the growing, ever-changing demands the market places on your computing and data storage designs. With solid experience under our belt and a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge products, we provide exactly what your designs need to achieve success.

Discover our high-efficiency voltage regulator (VR) designs that power the high-performance CPUs as well as memory and graphics processors used in today's server and storage designs. Looking to really stand out from the crowd? Ensure your design offers industry-leading efficiency by utilizing our proprietary FET technology. Depending on your customer’s requirements and the design’s complexity, you can choose either discrete components or opt for an easy to use integrated solution. Be confident in your design: sourcing components from Infineon for data storage systems and computing is always a suitable choice. Explore more about the applications and products below.

Data processing system for computing and data storage