EconoDUAL™ 3 650V/1200V/1700V 600A - best in class

The FF600R17ME4FF600R17ME4_B11 is the new flagship product of Infineon’s well established EconoDUAL™ 3 series. It was developed with a clear focus on maximum possible power density within a given footprint. With the use of copper bonding technology as well as an improved DCB the output power can be increased by more than 30% when compared to the 450A version.

The FF600R07ME4_B11 is a new member of Infineon’s EconoDUAL™3 family. With improved 650V IGBT4 chips it offers superior switching performance together with an excellent short circuit withstand time of 10us. This module also uses copper wire bonding to reduce internal lead resistance.

Together with FF600R12ME4 / FF600R12ME4_B11, Infineon is the first supplier of a 600A current rated module for all voltage classes in the EconoDUAL™ 3 package. With excellent mechanical robustness, power cycling capability as well as the option of PressFit pins, Infineon offers a reliable, cost effective solution for applications like wind turbines, drives, hybrid vehicles etc.

Automotive qualified EconoDUAL™

FF600R12ME4A_B11 & FF400R12ME4A_B11 for CAV application: We see a trend in the Commercial & Agriculture Vehicle application (CAV) towards extended reliability and lifetime. See publication at International ETG-Kongress 2013. With this solution we increase the life time by a factor of 2.5.

A summary of our contribution to your success:

  • New advanced assembly technologies
  • Superb thermal performance to enable full power utilization
  • Plug and play upgrade of existing inverter designs
  • PressFIT and solder pin versions
  • Best in class current rating: 600V/1200V/1700V 600A with Infineon’s IGBT4

Main target applications:

Our portfolio includes: (click on voltage / configuration to view productlists)


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Thermal Interface Material
PressFIT Technology
PressFIT Technology