Boosted NFC for smart devices

Boosted NFC Secure Elements: easily deploy secured and convenient NFC payment

As smart devices become wearable and more intelligent, new opportunities arise for manufacturers to differentiate through unique features. This includes applications and functionalities, such as payment, transport ticketing and authentication.

These features introduce new challenges to designers, especially in the realm of security, size, power consumption and system integration. On the one hand, chips must secure multiple applications, such as payment and transport ticketing, and easily be integrated into any system. On the other, excellent contactless performance is essential while the NFC antenna should be as small as possible. The battery life of smart devices is likewise decisive: low energy consumption distinguishes from the competition and appeals to consumers.

Success with Infineon

Infineon’s market-leading boosted NFC secure element enables smart device designs to achieve all the above and more. We offer the unique combination of leading security expertise and know-how in contactless technology in an all-in-one solution for fast time to market. The boosted NFC secure element with an ultra-small antenna simplifies hardware and system design, reduces physical size (PCB footprint) and enables payment and transport ticketing applications to run on smart devices with various operating systems.

Discover Infineon´s plug-and-play security solutions including Boosted NFC functionality. Choose from diverse form factors for instant activation of secured contactless payment functionality on smart devices.

Learn how smart wearables will be enabled to conduct secured transactions, e.g. payment, through Infineon`s boosted NFC solution.

Boosted NFC secure element: security solutions for smart devices supporting mobile payment

Benefit from expertise in financial-level security solutions

At Infineon, we look back on years of experience in security smart chips and offer a rich portfolio of proven security technologies found in billions of smart cards and other devices worldwide. This solid basis allows us to facilitate secured payment transactions on any smart device. And the results are exceptional. In addition to providing security and smart card functionalities, our boosted NFC secure element:

  • Is 80% smaller than in the past and adapted to an ultra-small NFC antenna
  • Consumes far less standby power than conventional solutions while providing excellent contactless performance
  • Is available as a system in a package with an integrated antenna, making it ideal for smart wearable devices

Choose Infineon and look forward to maximized design flexibility – whether you are designing solutions for smart wearable devices applications, such as public transportation ticketing, financial transactions or something else with high security requirements. We also offer reference designs to give you a head start.