Central body control module

Accommodating a growing number of functions on a shrinking central body control module (BCM), such as exterior and interior lighting, relay control and multiple comfort functions, requires precisely engineered products. Ones that support a high level of integration and are scalable and flexible to fulfill a broad spectrum of requirements.

With the most scalable portfolio of protected high side PROFET™ switches on the market, Infineon is your best choice. You can uniquely ensure the system’s reliability with our leading solution for short-circuit robustness. We offer a range of highly integrated products that combine various functions in one device. Such as multi-channel switches in the SPOC and SPIDER families, and System Basis Chips (SBC) for more functions in less space.

AURIX™ multicore even allows you to integrate two applications in one device: BCM and gateway. Benefits included enhanced communication with lower power consumption and a selection of top security features.

Central body control module system diagram

System benefits

  • Reduced board space due to integrated functionality
  • Protected load control with sophisticated diagnostic features
  • Supports the “Limp Home”  functional safety concept
  • High scalability and benchmark short-circuit robustness of power semiconductors (PROFET™)
  • Supports a smooth transition to LEDs for interior and exterior lighting

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