The Beast 2.0

The Beast 2.0 is powered by the high-performance Infineon AURIX™ or Traveo™ II automotive wireless power microcontrollers.  These controllers help the next-generation in-cabin wireless charging systems meet strict automotive safety, security, environmental and regulatory requirements, while still enabling industry-leading charging performance and efficiency.

This controller works seamlessly with Infineon’s power and security devices to provide a complete charging solution for smartphones and other connected devices.


  • Latest WPC Qi functionality
  • Supports 15W charging for Qi-certified devices
  • Supports fast charging enabled devices
  • Secure authentication between smartphone and charger
  • Unique coil driver architecture meets CISPR-25 Class 4 EMC requirements
  • Improved accuracy Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Wide range 6 -19V input supply; supports vehicle stop/start
  • NFC/RFID tag detection
  • AUTOSAR support
  • Single Infineon Wireless Power Controller provides complete functionality
  • Supports future products and standards with field-upgradeable Pantheon™ software