AURIX™ motor control extension board

An extension board to the AURIX™ TFT Application Kit allowing to control up to 4 uni and bi-directional Brushed DC Motors together with the high current half bridge BTN8982 Novalithic

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Main features of DC motor control board  To be used in combination with Application kit

DC motor PowerBoard

  • 12 V / 10 A
  • Up to four brushed DC motor can be controlled
  • BTN8982 NOVALITHIC high current PN half-bridge
  • Current measurement
  • Combinable with all application kits
  • AppNote AP32333

DC motor

  • Uni-directional
  • Bi-directional
  • TC2xx application kit with TFT display
  • Control of each motor via TFT display
  • Simple control algorithms
  • PWM generation using GTM
  • Individual current measurement with VADC for each motor
  • Several application notes available