Syntiant introduces latest generation NDP120 evaluation kit for audio and sensor applications

enabled by Infineon’s XENSIV™ MEMS microphone

Syntiant Infineon associated partner

Our partner Syntiant Corp., specializes in advancing machine learning capacities in edge devices. The company offers always-on machine learning solutions (integrated circuits and AI software) for battery-powered devices.

Recently, Syntiant launched its Second Generation NDP120 Deep Learning Processor for Audio and Sensor Apps. The NDP120 evaluation kit with Raspberry Pi 3, which uses an Infineon IM69D130 XENSIV™ MEMS microphone, will be available in February 2021. Additionally, Syntiant has won (for the second time in a row) the CES 2021 Innovation Award - this year for its NDP120 processor.

The NDP120 is equipped with an Arm Cortex M0 Processor and a HiFi-3 DSP. It supports more than 7 million parameters and can process multiple concurrent heterogeneous networks.  It brings always-on neural processing to all types of consumer products, including mobile phones, earbuds, wearables, smart speakers, laptops, smart home applications, and security devices. It is ideal for use cases requiring audio filtering and echo cancelation for far-field speech processing. 

Syntiant's first-generation NDP100 series shipped more than 10 million NDP100 and NDP101 AI Decision Processors to customers for use in smartphones, smart speakers, earbuds, laptops, wearables, wireless health devices, and more.