System module maker ASUKA with design-in ready CO2 module enabled by our XENSIV™ PAS CO2

ASUKA, our CO2 sensing system partner, has excellent technical service capability. Established in Hsinchu, Taiwan, ASUKA provides diverse services related to car-audio & ADAS areas, including design, manufacturing and sales. Addressing the high demand for CO2 detection in the market, together with Infineon, ASUKA successfully developed a CO2 module system with Infineon’s XENSIV™ PAS CO2 sensor.

There are two types of modules available: USB type (CO2-100) and BT type (CO2-101). The difference is the way the data is displayed. The data from the sensor can be seen either on Air Master App (iOS & Android support) or on the respective cloud platform developed by ASUKA. For convenience, customers can plug in the portable CO2 sensor to detect the CO2 concentration everywhere. Additionally, there is a wall-mountable CO2 board that customers can install on the wall to constantly monitor the indoor air quality. 

The module addresses the need for production-ready modules to easily design-in. Moreover, ASUKA has the ability to customize CO2 sensor and APPs. With ASUKA's excellent technical service capabilities and access to the automotive industry and Infineon's wide network of sales and distribution, this module will be promoted by a powerful cooperation, moving forward.

The Infineon & ASUKA cooperation is not only bound to CO2 applications, but there are more collaboration efforts in the areas of smart home and AIoT. For instance, ASUKA has developed several smart home appliances such as smart lighting and human detection radar. More to come soon.

ASUKA infografik