BL!XT brings the new world of electricity through solid-state technology-enabled software control

BL!XT, our Associated Partner from Sweden, aims to enable full software control of electricity, using solid-state technology. Our partner has developed the market’s first miniature solid-state circuit breaker (SSCB) receiving an IEC certification, the Blixt Zero, enabled by Infineon’s CoolMOS™ S7.

The smart SSCB is able to control power and interrupt high currents 1000 times faster than mechanical circuit breakers. As a digital device, it also includes real-time metering, remote control, and programmability – functionalities that mechanical circuit breakers do not possess and can only be realized by additional expensive devices.

Blixt’s vision is to enable a fully dynamic network that can respond in real-time to changes in demand and supply. This will result in much more efficient use of electricity and more resilient and safer infrastructure.

There is a strong global demand for faster, safer, and smarter circuit breakers, supporting the power grid to handle the increasingly diverse mix of energy sources and peak loads. Solid-state circuit breakers will be an important part, supporting a safer, more flexible, and reliable power grid for both AC and DC and revolutionizing how we produce, manage and consume electricity.

Besides power components, Infineon contributes to all relevant system devices such as power supplies, microcontrollers, sensors, safety and security devices, and IoT functionality. Based on this first-generation, SSCB feature-set enrichment and further system cost optimization will be the next planned steps.

Blixt Chips