“Voice of Innovation” fireside chat on innovations in deep learning and emulating the five human senses through electronics

with our partner Syntiant and Andreas Urschitz*, Infineon’s Division President Power & Sensor Systems

In episode four of the digital fireside chat “Voice of Innovation”, hosted by Wevolver, Syntiant’s CEO Kurt Busch and Infineon’s Division President PSS Andreas Urschitz* talked about connecting the real with the digital world and how this is accelerated by innovations in deep learning and artificial intelligence at the edge. They also highlighted the importance of Infineon and Syntiant’s joint efforts on improving efficiencies for increased environmental sustainability.

“Infineon is pursuing its vision of emulating the five human senses into every kind of electronics. Artificial Intelligence at the edge helps through machine learning to truly interpret what is meant and to tell the electronics what to do next and to connect the analog with the digital world. That’s true innovation”, Andreas Urschitz emphasized in the chat.

 *former Division President, nowadays CMO