VanGogh Imaging - a leader in 3D computer vision software enables Infineon’s REAL3™ ToF sensor for advanced SLAM algorithms

Jointly with our new Accossiated Partner VanGogh Imaging, Infineon is enhancing its offering of advanced 3D computer vision solutions for robotic, industrial, and mobile platforms.

Based on Infineon’s REAL3™ Time of Flight image sensors, VanGogh's RoboticSLAM™ and 3D technology are supporting a full 3D computer vision suite, which is now available as an evaluation platform (software and sensors). As partners, VanGogh and Infineon are dedicated to 3D solutions for plenty of applications across the industries.

VanGogh Imaging offers accurate tracking and 3D capture for mission-critical platforms:

VGI critical platforms

Providing state-of-the-art 3D computer vision solutions requires two important design considerations. First, the software algorithms need to be carefully tuned to get the maximum performance from the hardware sensors. The VanGogh and Infineon partnership guarantee a seamless interface between the software and the sensors. Second, VanGogh provides application-specific solutions to ensure customer success and shorter go-to-market time.

Unlike traditional SLAM algorithms designed to work in static environments, VanGogh’s solution is designed to work in real-world, uncontrolled, dynamic environments. It is easy to use, reliable, and efficient while providing high-performance tracking on any platform including mobile devices.

RoboticSLAM™ benefits at a glance:

  • Upgraded location recognition methods with smart multimap handling
  • Seamless, real-time merging of partial maps
  • Substantially faster and robust relocalization with noisy sensor data
  • RoboticSLAM™ evaluation unit available on an easy-to-use handheld platform with advanced sensor fusion features

For further information on the RoboticSLAM™ please visit our partner’s webpage.