Commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV)

With rising demand for fuel and operation efficiency, electrification is an attractive option for commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV). Doing so offer two key benefits: compliance with stricter legislation for emission levels and energy efficiency, and increased process efficiency and yield rates. By choosing hybrid or fully electric drivetrains CAV operators can reduce or even eliminate their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. What’s more, electric drivetrains require less maintenance, and are thereby more reliable and productive.

Infineon – your CAV partner

With proven expertise in CAV and a comprehensive portfolio of robust, high-quality control and power semiconductor solutions, Infineon helps you engineer successful designs for commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles. Learn more about relevant solutions by selecting a subtopic below.

Commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV)


Today, electrification is revolutionizing transportation. But commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles, pose challenges for power electronics. Machines operate anywhere from the artic to the desert, have a long operating life and minimum down time – and are constantly exposed to shock and vibration.

electronica 2016 - Safety hydraulic management solutions for CAV


See our latest demonstration highlights from electronica 2016 for CAV - commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles. . The video presents you a ECU board with a complete Infineon solution as well as a water pump demonstrator showcasing hydraulic control driven with Infineon.

electronica 2016 - 24 V hydraulic and joystick control


Joystick control is often needed in commercial, constructional and agricultural vehicles. See how you can spare two out of three sensors with Infieon’s 3D mangetic sensor, and hence save cost and development time.