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Cost-effective drop-in replacement for DPAK



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Infineon is growing the portfolio of CoolMOS™ CE with the SOT-223 package as a cost effective alternative to DPAK that also enables footprint reduction in some designs. The package can be placed on a typical DPAK footprint and comes with only a small compromise in thermal behavior. Infineon’s SOT-223 targets LED lighting and mobile charger applications.


Drop-in replacement for DPAK at lower cost

The SOT-223 package without middle pin is fully compatible to the footprint of a DPAK and therefore allows one-on-one drop-in replacements and second sourcing.


 DPAK  SOT-223  Key features and benefits
  dpak_comparison sot223_comparison 
  • Drop-in replacement for DPAK at lower cost
  • Space savings in designs with low power dissipation
  • Comparable thermal behavior to DPAK


Thermal behavior similar to DPAK  




The thermal behavior of the SOT-223 depends on layout of the board and on the power consumed.


We have measured the thermals in a test environment and compared with a simulation:

~2°C-3°C temperature increase on DPAK footprint as DPAK – placed on a standard DPAK footprint, the SOT-223 package shows a temperature elevated by 2°C–3°C. This behavior makes the SOT-223 suitable as a drop-in replacement for DPAK in designs with some margin on thermals.

Same temperature on footprint of DPAK + 20mm 2 additional copper area – in many designs the MOSFET is mounted on a larger Cu area which serves as a heatsink embedded in the PCB. As soon as 20mm 2 Cu or more is offered in addition to DPAK footprint, no temperature increase can be observed.

>10°C temperature increase on SOT-223 footprint – placed the SOT-223 footprint without additional Cu area around, the package leads to ≥10°C temperature increase compared to a DPAK. This renders the option of space savings via the SOT-223 only useful for very low power applications.

The thermal measurements in several applications were confirmed by simulation with T ambient=70°C and P l oss=250mW. The simulations confirm that on a DPAK footprint a 2°C–3°C temperature increase versus DPAK is expected, while for the copper areas of ≥20mm 2 additional copper the temperature is equal to the DPAK temperature.


Evaluation board available

Single End Cap T8 LED lamp drive board  

High line input, 16W/66V output converter with 600V CoolMOS™ CE


Ordering code: EVAL_16W_66V_BCK_CE

>Learn more

>Download Application Note

EVAL 16W 66V BCK CE front

Product portfolio CoolMOS™ CE in SOT-223 package

 R DS(on)[mΩ]  500V 600V   650V  700V
 3400     IPN60R3K4CE*  


 3000   IPN50R3K0CE    


 2000/2100   IPN50R2K0CE   IPN60R2K1CE  


 1400/1500   IPN50R1K4CE   IPN60R1K5CE   IPN65R1K5CE


 950/1000   IPN50R950CE   IPN60R1K0CE  


 800   IPN50R800CE      
 650   IPN50R650CE      

*Evaluation board available:  Single End Cap T8 LED lamp drive board

Product Brief

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Product Brochure

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Product Selection Guide

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Application Notes

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Additional Product Information

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Application Brochure

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Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL_16W_66V_BCK_CE LED Driver & Ballast Controller, MOSFET 16W adapter demo board for Lighting applications
  • ICL8201
  • IPN60R3K4CE

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