Infineon in Sweden and Finland

Infineon in Sweden: Kista, Stockholm
Infineon in Finland: Espoo, Helsinki

Why Infineon Sweden?

  • Infineon in Sweden is located in Kista, Stockholm – about 20mins from Stockholm city centre by tube and easily reachable from the airport
  • The office is 5mins walk from Kista shopping center offering everything from restaurants, shopping, cinema, hotels etc
  • The office is nice and modern with free coffee – and everyone has their own room and parking space!

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Why Infineon Finland

  • Infineon in Finland is located in Espoo, Helsinki – the main industrial area with many companies, close to Helsinki city centre and close to the airport
  • The office building has a canteen where you can go for lunch
  • Everyone has their own rooms in the office – and we offer free coffee! 

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