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Did you find a good match at our job search? The next step is quite simple and takes just 90 seconds. Here you will find the most important step-by-step information about our application process.


Application process

As the various target groups differ with regard to the application process, select the appropriate section below.


Take a look at our open positions on our job search.

No, unfortunately we do not accept unsolicited applications for data protection reasons. You can find all currently available positions and apply via our Job Search.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our Job Alert and receive the current jobs matching your search criteria.

Yes, you are able to withdraw your application via the applicant self-service tool. However, please note that it is not possible to reapply for the same position once you have withdrawn your application.

In case you would like to reactivate your application, please contact

If a job can be performed at multiple locations, this will be indicated and the sites listed in the job ad. You can find our job ads and the respective locations here.

Don’t hesitate to apply with your résumé in the same language as the vacancy description or in English. Haven’t applied yet? Check out our open positions on our job search.

You can log in to our applicant tool here. Please keep in mind that this is only possible if you have already applied. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one at the bottom of the page below the Login button. After you have typed in your username, your password will be reset and you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

Your CV shows us your path from the very first experience to the latest; highlight especially projects which fit to the job description.

Do keep it concise with a maximum of two pages.

Once we receive your application, we will carefully go through all the documents you submitted. You are welcome to check the status of your application for yourself. Please log into the applicant self-service and look for “Status” under “My submitted applications”. There, you will find the current status of your application. Should you have any issues, please feel free to contact us again. While you are waiting for your status to change, take a look at our employees’ stories and get a general impression of what it’s like to work at Infineon.

Applications can only be submitted via our online tool. However, it is extremely easy to use. After choosing a position, you can start creating your profile. You can use the profile to apply for other positions, too, and you can easily add further documents later. The first step in the application process only takes you 90 seconds! You can apply for any position listed on our job search site. Make sure you submit your application in good time so you can be considered for the position in question.


Show us your personality and match your soft skills to the position.

Please make sure to customize your application and explain us why you are the right fit to the position. An application to more than five positions doesn`t make a good impression.

Your working hours will depend on the position and location you have applied for. We are happy to give you more information about the working hours of your position during the application process, or feel free to contact us at If you haven’t applied yet, feel free to check out our open positions here.

The documents we need depends on the position you are applying for. Nevertheless, the first step in applying to work at Infineon only takes 90 seconds. Find more information regarding the application process here for professionals, university students or school students.

Due to our global structure, we cannot provide a direct HR contact person before you submit your application. We ask for your understanding in this respect. For more information on our application process, have a look here. If you still have questions before submitting your application, feel free to contact us at

The benefits that await you at Infineon vary from one location to another. In our job ads you will find some of the benefits that apply at your chosen location. If you want to find out what other opportunities Infineon offers, please have a look here and discover what makes Infineon such an attractive employer.

How can I prepare for an interview?

Tips from our employees

An internship or a job as a working student can be a great start on the path to a permanent position. You have the chance to get to know the company, build up a network and find out if the company is the right place for you. I speak from personal experience. In the final stages of my master’s, I did a six-month internship with Infineon’s Talent Marketing team. During that time I worked on a lot of different tasks, which gave me a broad overview of the topics the team deals with. I liked everything so much – the range of Infineon’s products, the working style, the tasks and company culture – that I decided to accept a position as Recruiter as soon as the internship was over. In my position as a Recruiter, I look after various positions for all divisions, from job advertisements all the way to offering a position. My tip for you: Get as much practical experience as possible! And why not with a company like Infineon that develops world-changing technologies and contributes to making life easier, safer and greener?

My career has changed through multiple portfolios from quality management to organisational excellence, HR business partnering, people development, and now talent network. Many of these portfolios were unrelated but I always reminded myself to do my best in any opportunity that has been entrusted to me. A psychology background has helped me understand behaviours and motivations are driven by one’s internal beliefs. That ‘internal compass’ together with engaging people and reading literature on new topics has helped me remain resilient through changes and challenges.

Be flexible – be bold – be innovative: Thinking of a career tip that I could give to students the following quote is directly linked to my experiences at Infineon: "It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Working in a future-oriented company like Infineon gives everybody the possibility to shape their environment and their career through innovative ideas. But being innovative often means that you have to be bold at the same time. New ideas need room for first trials and sometimes also come with failure. But that is a part of the game and learning out of these failures and being motivated to do better every time is the real game-changer. Tackling the global megatrends through our different technologies we are challenged to be flexible, innovative and bold every day. So always think of ways to bring your vision becoming reality and join a working environment that is open for your ideas.

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