Application process

We prefer online applications. Use our online application tool for a fast and seamless process. We cannot accept email applications for data protection reasons.

All you need is your CV or résumé, unless stated otherwise in the job description. Of course, you’re welcome to upload more documents. Or you can apply directly with your LinkedIn or XING profile.

Yes. You can only submit your application once you have set up your profile. It allows you to easily apply for other positions or upload further documents. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to check the status of your application in your profile. We’re working to change this.

We will confirm the receipt of your application immediately via email. What happens then depends on what you’ve applied for, but we aim to get back to you within two to three weeks. We will keep you in the loop at all times.

That depends on your location. It’s best to check directly on our local site. If your profile is a good match, we will first conduct a phone interview, at least in Germany and Austria. The second interview will be in person. Once we’ve made our decision, it won’t take long until you get your contract.

In this case, try using our job agent. Enter the relevant criteria and new, available jobs that match them will automatically be sent to your inbox.

Our talent attraction managers are constantly on the lookout for suitable candidates. They use the professional networks to find people who might be a good fit, but have not yet applied to Infineon. If you’d like your profile to stand out from the rest, be sure that it shows the following:

  1. Details. Since every company has its own way of handling things like job titles, we need more than that. Ideally, we’d find a short overview of your responsibilities. What is it that you do? Which projects are you working on? Which products are you responsible for?
  2. Networking. Keep your network up-to-date. Sometimes it may be easier for our TAMs to contact someone in your network they may know before approaching you directly.
  3. Make sure your CV/résumé and qualifications match. On some profiles, our TAMs see little more than bullet points under “what I offer” – and can’t find them on your résumé. They should be able to.

There will be lots of information and special events to support you. In many locations, the “new hire community” organizes a monthly breakfast to give people a chance to meet informally. Generally, you won’t be left to your own devices and will soon start to feel at home among your new colleagues.

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