Higher reliability, ease of use with QPL-qualified SupIR-SMD

Space systems designers often struggle with how to reliably attach surface mount hermetic power packages to PCBs, due to material differences and coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch. The challenges lie in two main areas:

  • Maintaining reliable solder joints between the PCB and power packages
  • Preserving the sealed integrity of highly reliable, hermetically packaged devices

IR HiRel, an Infineon Technologies company, solves this issue with its QPL-qualified radiation-hardened (rad hard) MOSFETs housed in an innovative direct-to-PCB mounting, the SupIR-SMD.

SupIR-SMD, optimized for surface mount attach

Previously, designers may have resorted to using a ‘dead bug’ and lead configuration, with the power packages turned upside down and attached to the PCB using leads. Not only does this configuration dissipate heat sub-optimally, but it decreases MOSFET capacity.

In contrast, the SupIR-SMD is capable of attaching directly to the PCB and proven to meet the most stringent reliability testing in this configuration, as detailed in IR HiRel’s Application Note 1222. Compared to the typical packaging solutions used in space applications, the SupIR-SMD delivers a more direct thermal path for heat transfer, along with:

  • 37% smaller footprint
  • 34% lighter mass
  • 33% higher current density

System designers can now optimize power system efficiency through direct attach of the SupIR-SMD package to the PCB, enabling the shortest thermal conduction path without compromise to system reliability.

The new SupIR-SMD QPL-qualified rad hard MOSFETs are available immediately, with the MIL-PRF-19500 package identifier ‘U2A.’

More product details are available in the table below.

SupIR-SMD Series Specifications

Part Vds
Ch Id
Screening JEDEC Product Datasheet Slash Sheet
IRHNS7460SE 500 N 12 0.32 S Level N/A Datasheet N/A
IRHNS67264 250 N 50 0.040 JANS 2N7585U2A Datasheet 760
IRHNS57264SE 250 N 45 0.060 JANS 2N7474U2A Datasheet 684
IRHNS67260 200 N 56 0.028 JANS 2N7583U2A Datasheet 760
IRHNS57260SE 200 N 53 0.038 JANS 2N7473U2A Datasheet 684
IRHNS67164 150 N 56 0.018 JANS 2N7581U2A Datasheet 760
IRHNS57163SE 130 N 75 0.0135 JANS 2N7472U2A Datasheet 684
IRHNS9A7160 100 N 93 0.065 JANS 2N7653U2A Datasheet 777
IRHNS57160 100 N 75 0.012 JANS 2N7469U2A Datasheet 673
IRHNS67160 100 N 56 0.010 JANS 2N7579U2A Datasheet 760
IRHNS9A7064 60 N 100 0.004 JANS 2N7652U2A Datasheet 777
IRHNS57064 60 N 75 0.0056 JANS 2N7468U2A Datasheet 673
IRHNS57Z60 30 N 75 0.0035 JANS 2N7467U2A Datasheet 683
IRHLNS87Y50 20 N 75 0.025 S Level N/A Datasheet N/A
IRHNS597Z60 -30 P 56 0.013 JANS 2N7523U2A Datasheet 733
IRHNS597064 -60 P 56 0.016 JANS 2N7524U2A Datasheet 733
IRHNS597160 -100 P 47 0.049 JANS 2N7550U2A Datasheet 713
IRHNS597260 -200 P 33 0.102 JANS 2N7549U2A Datasheet 713


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