Welcome to the MakeRadar School!

About Radar Theory

The #MakeRadar School - Radar Theory Lesson will explain the physical details behind radar to help you understand what is going on, when using radar sensors.

  1. Electromagnetic waves: What are EM waves?
  2. Radar Equation: The fundamental equation behind radar
  3. Doppler Effect: Frequency shift of a moving object
  4. IQ Signals: Common data transmission
  5. Fourier Transformation: Essential data processing technique

About Programming Tutorial

Learn in our #MakeRadar School - Programming Tutorial how to program and work with our #MakeRadar devices and do your first implementations of radar sensor applications!

a. Tutorial Sense2GoL DevKit

The MakeRadar School - Programming Tutorial will walk through the setup and basic programming of the Sense2GoL Development Kit:

  1. Set up the environment by installing the necessary software and preparing the IDE.
  2. Start with a simple program to make an LED blink on the Sense2GoL.
  3. Read Raw Data from the Sense2GoL.
  4. Implement first applications:
    • Door Opener