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Radar applications

  • Industrial Robotics
  • Health (Vital Sensing)
  • Sports
  • Wearables

Radar offers a lot of advantages over other technologies like passive infrared (PIR) technology in motion detection applications. 
These include greater accuracy and more precise measurement of detected objects, paving the way for new capabilities in speed detection and motion sensing. These advanced capabilities enable the use of radar sensors in many different applications.

Smart Home Applications

Smart home applications makes our home more convenient and energy efficient and can be clearly supported by radar sensors. Examples of applications are the smart control of lighting, air conditioning and other smart devices. Devices can be switched on and off by detecting the presence or absence of persons and thus saving energy. The contactless operation of smart devices can also improve hygiene and cleanliness, for example in sanitary facilities or light switches.

Benefits of Radar Sensors
The use of radar sensors provides many advantages in smart home aplications. On the one hand, the anonymity of persons can be maintained by radar sensors, since they do not acquire a high-resolution image of the persons in contrast to cameras. On the other hand, they enable the detection of position, speed and direction of motion with high accuracy. Thus, use cases such as presence  detection can be used to implement smart lighting control. The ability to even detect these movements through obstacles allows hidden mounting of radar sensors.

#MakeRadar for Smart Home Applications
The Sense2GoL DevKit can be used for realizing smart home applications on basis of detection of direction of motion and presence detection. Give it a try in our Plug & play experience section with intuitive explanation and theory background.

Security Applications

Radar sensords can be used in a wide range of security applications such as support of optical security systems, alarm systems, access controls, etc. They provide realiable detection of unauthorized access in security areas by motion and presence detection. Radar sensors cannot be fooled by wearing heavy clothing as a passive infrared sensor or by an obscured field of view.

Benefits of Radar Sensors 
Security applications benefit from the radar sensor features in several aspects. The presence of persons can be detected even if the field of view of a camera or other optical systems is obscured. This is also possbile if the radar sensors is obscured. This capability allows a non visible monting of radar based motion detectors. By determining the direction of movement, unauthorised access or departure can be prevented within access controls.

#MakeRadar for Smart Home Applications
The Sense2GoL DevKit can be used for realizing smart home applications on basis of detection of direction of motion and presence detection. Give it a try in our Plug & play experience section with intuitive explanation and theory background.