You choose, we switch - Infineon Automotive Power Switches

Infineon offers the market’s most comprehensive portfolio of smart power switches. Featuring extensive protective and diagnostics features, these devices extend from HITFET™ low-side switches through PROFET™ high-side devices to SPOC™+2 high-side smart power multichannel switches.

Thanks to a rich variety of subfamilies and dedicated flavors, these devices support the widest possible application spectrum, including automotive, industrial, as well as commercial, construction and agriculture vehicle (CAV) use cases.

Infineon’s interactive selection tool will quickly and effortlessly navigate through the various families and derivatives to suggest the perfect fit for your design challenge. To ensure the best possible design experience, we have developed an intuitive selection guide. In just a few clicks – driven by your concrete requirements in relation to switching speed, operating voltage, current sensing, etc. – this digital interactive graphic finds the best fit for your individual application. To further simplify and accelerate design-in, check out our ready-to-run boards, online training modules, how-to videos and insightful papers

Low-side switches:

HITFET™ low-side switches offer a compelling feature set with protection against overtemperature, short circuits and overload conditions. They are also robust against ESD. Infineon recently expanded its portfolio with a new generation of products, named HITFET™+.

HITFET™+ 12 V is Infineon’s new generation of protected low-side switches for automotive and industrial applications. A novel technology enables a significant reduction (of up to 50 percent) in size compared with the existing Classic HITFET™ 12 V portfolio. HITFET™+ 12 V devices provide the ultimate design flexibility. The family consists of standard (BTS3xxxEJ/TF) and fully featured low-side switches (BTF3xxxEJ/TE) scaling from 11 mΩ to 125 mΩ in two different packages: TO-252 and TDSO-8. These devices are able to switch all kinds of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads.

HITFET™+ 24 V, the first fast low-side switch, is capable of driving PWM signals of up to 20 kHz. It comes in a TDSO-8 package, which is five times smaller in size than the competition, thus paving the way for cost and PCB-space savings. A status pin enables the microcontroller to detect and diagnose failures faster. The device also comes with improved temperature protection, and is up to ten times more robust against short circuits.

HITFET™+ 24 V is an ideal switch for braking, transmission and compressor systems.

TEMPFET™ devices, with up to 1 MHz switching speeds, provide a first line of protection against temperature and current via their temperature sensors. The temperature sensor is available on external pins, enabling direct access, fast switching and flexible temperature response control.

TEMPFET™ solutions are used in applications that require a minimum level of protection. Even though new designs featuring protected MOSFETs no longer typically focus on TEMPFET™ devices, numerous 12 V and 24 V niche applications continue to require temperature-protected MOSFETs, especially when reliability, robustness and long life are essential.

High-side switches

The highly integrated PROFET™ family (PROtected FET) incorporates a broad range of smart features for advanced diagnostics and protection. PROFET™ intelligent power high-side switches consist of a DMOS power transistor and CMOS logic circuitry for complete built-in protection.

They offer protection against overload, overtemperature, short circuits and other conditions across all kinds of automotive (12 V), trucks & agriculture (24 V) and industrial applications.

The PROFET™+ 12 V family in PG-DSO-8 and PG-DSO-14 exposed pad packages consists of single-, dual- and four-channel protected high-side power switches providing state-of-the-art diagnostics and protection features. The switches are capable of driving loads from 0.5 A up to 10 A, with an RDS(on) from 8 mΩ to 200 mΩ. Their high short-circuit robustness combined with their high switching load capability set a new market benchmark!

Pin compatibility with the PROFET™+ 24 V family and across each of the individual family devices is a unique feature of the PROFET™+ 12 V family. An identical footprint across packages gives designers maximum freedom, allowing them to quickly and easily change loads and drivers without major modifications to the board layout.

Infineon’s PROFET™+ 24 V smart high-side switches are designed for trucks and buses as well as construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV) in harsh environments. This scalable family (12 pin-compatible devices) offers comprehensive protection functions, very fast current sense diagnostics, an extended operating voltage range and high short-circuit robustness. All kinds of loads (inductive, capacitive, resistive) from 0.5 A to 10 A (nom. load current) can be driven.

The portfolio comprises single-, dual- and four-channel devices, all automotive-qualified according to AEC-Q100. The portfolio is rounded out by the BTF6070-2ERV device, which sets a new benchmark for switching speed and supports higher safety requirements (in applications such as ABS, ESP, etc.) thanks to additional ISO 26262 (ASIL B) qualification. Most of the devices come in PG-TDSO-14 packages.

The PROFET™+2 12 V family is Infineon’s latest generation of protected high-side switches (2 mΩ to 200 mΩ) in PG-TSDSO-14 exposed pad packages. This family offers single-, dual- and four-channel devices and provides state-of-the-art diagnostics and protection features. All products are qualified for automotive applications according to AEC-Q100 Grade1 or AEC-Q100 Grade0 (Grade0-qualified products are called BTS7xxx-yEPZ).

Moreover, PROFET™+2 12 V provides outstanding energy capability with reduced current consumption, state-of-the-art current sense accuracy (kILIS), benchmark low cranking voltage capability and faster switching/slew rates with no impact on EMC.

Power PROFET™ is a benchmark family of ultra-low-ohmic protected high-side switches (1.0 mΩ to 2.5 mΩ) with integrated protection and diagnostics functions for automotive and 12 V industrial markets. These devices are especially designed to drive high-current loads of 25 to 40 A DC and to replace high-current relays and fuses across a wide range of applications such as power distribution and heating. Power PROFET™ switches are also an ideal driving solution for an increasing number of applications with high switching cycle requirements.

Infineon’s Classic PROFET™ portfolio of high-side switches enjoys a solid market reputation for the robust and lasting protection of numerous automotive (12 V/24 V) and industrial applications.

Infineon’s Classic PROFET™ 12 V devices are very versatile protected high-side switches suited to a broad application range extending from automotive (body, powertrain, transmission, chassis, steering) to industrial use cases (robotics, process automation, energy distribution). Some family members come with low current limitation, making them ideal for ADAS loads (cameras, radar, sensors).

All products (single-, dual- and four-channel devices) come with several protection features; most also have a status diagnostic function and some even offer additional current sense diagnostics. High energy robustness, an extended operating voltage range (up to 38 V) and low current limitation are key characteristics of the Classic PROFET™ 12 V family. All kinds of loads (inductive, capacitive, resistive) from 0.2 A to 20 A (nom. load current) can be driven. Various packages (DSO-8, DSO-14, DSO-20, SOT223) and power packages (D2PAK, DPAK) are available.

Infineon’s Classic PROFET™ 24 V family members are highly versatile protected high-side switches targeted at everything from commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV) – trucks and buses included – to industrial applications (robotics, process automation, energy distribution, etc.).

All products (single-, dual- and four-channel devices) come with several protection features; most also have a status diagnostic function and some even offer additional current sense diagnostics.  

A unique eight-channel device (BTS4880R) and two devices that switch at extremely high speeds (AUIPS7221/1-RTRL, up to 100 kHz) supplement the portfolio to support highly specific requirements.

High energy robustness, an extended operating voltage range (up to 60 V), low current limitation (high-ohmic products) and high clamping voltages are key characteristics of the Classic PROFET™ 24 V portfolio. All kinds of loads (inductive, capacitive, resistive) from 0.3 A to 25 A (nom. load current) can be switched. Various packages (DSO-8, DSO-14, DSO-20, SOT223) and power packages (D2PAK, DPAK) are available.

Multichannel high-side power controller

Infineon’s SPI-driven multichannel high-side power controller SPOC™ offers a broad range of smart features like diagnostics and protection. Thanks to the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), various features can be configured. This configurability gives designers more flexibility and supports the intelligent power distribution trend.

SPOC™+2 is Infineon’s latest generation of four- and six-channel smart high-side power controllers (5.5 mΩ to 70 mΩ) in PG-TSDSO-24 exposed pad packages. Control, configuration and diagnostics are carried out via the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

Thanks to the SPI, additional configurable features can be applied individually for each channel. In addition to state-of-the-art functions like short circuit and overload protection, SPOC™+2 offers a configurable overload detection current feature. Moreover, the protection strategy (intelligent restart control or intelligent latch) and the current sense accuracy (kILIS) can be configured individually based on application requirements.