How to apply for school students

Vocational training, dual studies and school internships

COVID-19: For more information on the changes in the application process, please have a look at "5. Face-to-face interview or Assessment day".

1. Create a profile

How can I apply at Infineon?

Applications can only be submitted via our easy-to-use online tool. After choosing a position, you can start creating your profile. You can use the profile to apply for other positions, too, and you can easily add further documents later.


How long before the desired start of training should I apply?

For skilled training and dual study programs in Germany you should apply about a year before you wish to start. For apprenticeships in Austria you need to apply by the end of February.


2. Application materials

What do I need for an online application?

No matter what you are applying for, you always need a compelling cover letter and a résumé. In addition, you should submit your two most recent report cards (and if available, your diploma).

3. Response

How quickly will I receive a response?

Directly after submitting your application you will get an email confirming receipt. In any case, we will try to give you personal feedback as soon as possible. Plus, we’ll keep you up to date during the entire process.

4. Assessment or Telephone interview via Webex


In the case of a positive response, you will be invited to take part in an assessment. This will give us a first impression of your skills and knowledge.


Telephone interview via Webex

Alternatively, someone from the personnel department will interview you by telephone via webex. The goal of the telephone interview is to find out more about your résumé and to give both parties the chance to address any open questions.

5. Face-to-face interview or Assessment day

Face-to-face interview

The next step is a face-to-face interview so that we can get a personal impression of you. The information and impressions gathered in the interview are generally enough to make a decision.

Safety and health protection are our priority. Depending on the current situation and regulations, the personal interviews will be replaced by video interviews. You will receive detailed information on the process when you receive your invitation to the interview.

Assessment day

Alternatively, an assessment day is held. A number of applicants are invited to a local event so we can get to know them better.

6. Contract

When the steps up to now have progressed to everyone’s satisfaction, you will be offered a contract and you can soon start your career at Infineon.

7. Onboarding

What will my initial time at Infineon be like?

The first week of your professional training or dual studies is focused on getting to know your fellow students and the company. From the very first day, a buddy will be at your side to offer you help and advice. We do everything we can to make you feel comfortable.