Diversity & Inclusion: The best Infineon for everyone

Diversity & Inclusion at Infineon

A strength that drives discovery

When we work on products and solutions to make life easier, safer, and greener for generations to come, we need as many perspectives as possible. Because no one person has all the answers. Promoting the representation of differences and being inclusive allows us to exchange perspectives to unlock opportunities.

An environment where everyone can thrive is good for everyone. People who are accepted at work and who have a sense of belonging are happier and feel more comfortable in engaging. This is exactly the type of atmosphere it takes to drive innovation and create a better future for everyone.

Each one of us is unique. Religion or worldview, age, ethnicity, physical and mental abilities, gender identity and sexual orientation are the most intimate aspects of someone’s personality. Naturally, externalities play a role too, like social background, family status, political affiliation, hobbies, and education. By accepting and respecting all traits of a person, we create an inclusive environment. We have good reason to do this.

Infineon’s commitment to diversity and inclusion sets the tone for how we interact with one another.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Manifesto

The best Infineon for everyone

Our products are a part of millions of homes across the globe. Yet they do share a common purpose, which is to give all people the best experience possible. For our company, we have a similar aspiration: To offer our people the best experience we can.

We have good reason to do this because when we are free to be ourselves, we give more of ourselves. When we feel safe, we have the confidence to take bolder risks.

We offer the best experience by creating an environment where listening sparks learning; where every voice, no matter how quiet, is heard; and where all perspectives can be expressed. We believe that by constantly acknowledging, respecting, and understanding our differences, everyone can have the best experience.

When our Diversity & Inclusion values are reflected on every factory floor, in every workshop, in every conference room, and in every video call, we can unleash an incredible strength. The more we rely on this strength, the more we grow as individuals and as a company.

The result is the best Infineon for everyone – colleagues and customers alike – and a better future for all.

Our Diversity & Inclusion stories

In their own words

Nathalie Riphaus

"To me, Infineon feels like a big family"

Raffaela Fabris

"The company supports the LGBTIQ community."

Raphael Otto

"Infineon cares about its people."

Stephan Klimke

"Since falling ill, inclusion has become more important than ever for me."

Tas Islam

"To me, diversity and inclusion is about valuing diversity in ideas, thinking, and action."

In the following videos, our employees explain how they live and experience
Diversity & Inclusion in their daily work.


Diversity & Inclusion is part of who we are

Activate the potential of everyone

For me, D&I is not a formality. I enjoy working within our diverse organization with all of their variety of talents. To bring out all of their potential, we need to ensure an inclusive workplace for all. It is my personal goal as a leader to continue to learn more about inclusive leadership, my role as an ally and how we can increase psychological safety. As the Head of D&I I want to support and accelerate the organization on our D&I journey.

Severine Fiegler Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Four Layers of Diversity model from Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe

To create the best Infineon for everyone, we consider all traits that make up a person. For that reason, we base our understanding of diversity and inclusion on the Four Layers of Diversity model by Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe, which offers a comprehensive overview of personality traits. 

Why is diversity and inclusion so important to Infineon? Because we believe the only way to implement our strategy of a more ambitious, responsible, and timely decision-making culture is with the best talent. And one of the best ways to attract and retain talent is by actively promoting diversity and inclusion.

Here are some examples of how we do that in day-to-day life:

  • Commitment to equal opportunity and intolerance of discrimination and harassment
  • Annual Diversity Days with over 4,000 internal participants in 2022
  • Measures for our employees: a comprehensive D&I Learning Journey, mentoring programs, and diverse employee networks
  • Measures for our employees such as talent programs, flexible working arrangements, and employee health and wellness activities
  • Activities to increase the share of women through recruiting and development programs
  • Intercultural training to foster cultural understanding of the more than 100 countries represented among the company’s employees
  • Barrier-free access to the workplace and the adaptation of work and the workplace to the respective capabilities
  • Build a sense of community and peer-to-peer engagement through our employee resource groups, e.g. Gender Diversity Networks, Working Parents or LGBTQ+ & Friends Community 


Diversity in numbers

What makes people diverse is mostly unseen. However, there are some exceptions, like gender, nationality, and age. We have set ourselves a global gender diversity target*, aiming for a share of 20% female colleagues in leadership positions by 2030.

The following graphical representations give a general idea of the workforce at Infineon.

Woman at management level (Infineon worldwide 2023, as of FY21 numbers include Cypress data)

(*US Legal Disclaimer: The following sections on KPIs are limited to non-US jurisdictions and will only serve as aspirational goals/guidance for the Americas region. KPIs, such as targets or quotas, in any employment decision is unlawful in the U.S. No figures / hard numbers or percentages are used in any employment decision (e.g. recruiting, hiring, promoting/demoting, mentoring, retaining, terminating, etc.) or as metric for compensation in the U.S.)

Age profile per management level

Middle and senior level management*

Entry level management*

Non-management staff


Age distribution

*Infineon defines a management funtion as both employee management and management on the basis of technical expertise according to the internal job assessment system.

Female/male employees per level

Senior level management*

Middle management*

Entry level management*

Non-management staff


*Infineon defines a management funtion as both employee management and management on the basis of technical expertise according to the internal job assessment system.

At Infineon, 57,904 people from over 100 countries work together around the world.

The age profiles at Infineon: first <30 years, second  30-50 years, last >50 years 

Worldwide, the average length of service (in years) is about 10 years, which is associated with a low employee turnover rate of 9% (2023, including voluntary resignations and other reasons for leaving). 

The best Infineon for YOU.

Infineon is a place where you can feel comfortable being yourself and where differences are celebrated. We encourage you to bring your whole self to work. That leaves you free to express yourself, discuss ideas, and take on responsibility.

Does this sound good to you? Then you should definitely get in touch with us. Find a position that’s right for you at our jobsearch. We look forward to hearing from you!

In Germany, Infineon is a member of the corporate initiative "Charta der Vielfalt" (Diversity Charter).

Infineon is ranked in the top 5 companies in the Financial Times "Diversity Leaders" ranking for the fifth year in a row. More than 100.000 employees from different companies and industry sectors participated in the survey. Diversity dimensions like age, gender, disability or sexual orientation were evaluated by the participants, but also other indicators like companies external communication regarding Diversity have been analysed by statista. 

Infineon joined the Prout Employer program by leading German think tank PROUT AT WORK, which supports us to increase awareness of LGBTQIA+ in the workplace.