3.3kV modules in IHV housing

With the introduction of the IHM/IHV housing, Infineon Technologies establisheda standard for high power IGBT modules which was adopted by all well known manufacturers and used in countless applications all over the world. Under permanent load in daily demanding use of transportation applications or in rough environments like industrial inverters and also in wind turbines, the IHM/IHV modules convince with their high reliability and robustness.

The IHM/IHV product group covers all possible inverter power sizes as Single switch, Half Bridge-, Chopper and Diode modules in the voltage range from 1200 V up to 6500 V and current ratings from 200 A up to 3600 A.


The IHV Modules in particular provide

  • Increased clearance and creepage distances for use in rough environment
  • Package material with CTI up to 600
  • Highly insulated housings for series circuits

The new PrimePACK™ IGBT halfbridge and chopper modules with internal NTC offer a specially optimized concept for integration in modern converters. The most important benefits are improved thermal properties, low stray inductance, and a wide range of operating temperatures. Easy separation for gate driving unit to power terminals, widely accepted driving techniques and vastly available design support solutions make these modules a preferred choice for a powerful, compact and modular converter design. Infineon Technologies‘ years of experience and continuous innovations together with the most recent optimized chip generations for high power always offer the optimal solution.



Main Features

  • High power density for compact inverter designsWide product range for all applications
  • Standardized housing
  • High reliability and robust module construction
  • 150°C operating temperature for PrimePACK™ and IHM/IHV B-series



  • Drives
  • Wind
  • Traction
  • Commercial, Agriculture and Construction Vehicles (CAV)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


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