Unbox with our engineers

Engine cooling fan reference design | up to 1kW

Looking for a system solution for your engine cooling fan application? Meet our 1kW engine cooling fan reference design which is optimized in terms of EMC and thermal behavior. Learn more about the main components we used in the PCB and explore what is in the box. Moreover, get an overview about motor control example, field oriented control.

Auxiliary water pump reference design up to #140 W

Meet Infineon´s auxiliary water pump reference design with Embedded Power IC! The reference design is an automotive 3-phase motor drive for auxiliary water pump application and it is capable to drive 12V BLDC motors up to 140W. Explore the features and benefits of our reference design and see an example demonstrator.

Unboxing of TLE9879 Evalkit for BLDC Motor Control

Welcome to this short introduction to the evaluation kit of our 3-Phase Bridge Driver IC family - the perfect fit for Automotive motor control applications such as auxiliary pumps and fans or any other BLDC driven system.


The Shield for Arduino is using a TLE9879QXA40 embedded power IC to enable easy BLDC Motor control. Up to 4 shields can be stacked and controlled individually.

Cost-optimized evalkit for brushed motor control applications

Check out our evaluation kit with our cost-optimized H-bridge Driver IC for DC motor control. Speed up your design process for window lift and sunroof applications or start evaluating your single-phase BDC or BLDC design, e.g. for an HVAC blower or a water pump.

Application kit for relay driven DC motor control

https://www.infineon.com/tle984x Watch this unboxing video of the TLE9844-2QX application kit for relay based DC motor control. Speed up your design process for window lift or sunroof applications.

Unboxing the TLE9845QX Application Kit

The video gives a short overview about the content of the TLE9845QX application kit which is a part of our Embedded Power ICs as well as the technical details of the device.

Getting Started with TLE9845QX Application Kit

Learn more about getting started process with this video which shows how to get started with TLE9845QX appkits designed to evaluate unidirectional brushed DC Motor applications.