Automotive Motor Control - Understandable

Welcome to our training series “Automotive Motor Control - Understandable”. This series is aimed at all those who have something to do with electric motors and motor control in Automotive or want to get a first overview. The topics covered within the training have furthermore been tailored to auxiliary units such as pumps and fans.

1. Introduction

This video gives an overview about the electrical motors. In addition, you can get a general idea of the entire training series.

2. Basics of motor physics (I)

In this video, you will explore Lorentz´s Law, induced voltage, Faraday´s Law and magnetic flux.

2. Basics of motor physics (II)

Explore the principle of permanent magnets and electro-magnets, magnetic conductors, circuits and motor-generator principle.

3. DC motors (I)

Go over the DC brush motor, its structure and function.

3. DC motors (II)

Dive deeper into the function of the brushed DC motor and learn about relevant applications of this motor type.

4. AC motors (I)

Understand the difference between DC brushed and AC brushless motors. In addition, get an overview about BLDC motors.

4. AC motors (II)

Deepen the analysis between the brushed DC and brushless AC motors. Furthermore, explore the permanent magnet synchronous machine.

5. Drive circuits (I)

Learn which electronic components are required and how to use them to drive an AC or DC motor.

5. Drive circuits (II)

Get familiar with drive circuits for bidirectional DC brush motor operation.

5. Drive circuits (III)

Learn about drive circuits for AC motor operations.

5. Drive circuits (IV)

Explore how to provide a variable motor supply despite having a fixed supply voltage.

6. AC Motor control (I)

Go through how needed to spin a synchronous 3-Phase BLDC motor.

6. AC Motor control (II)

Learn how to calculate electrical torque of a BLDC and how to drive it with a control loop.

7. Field oriented control

Get an overview about the basic principle of field oriented control (FOC).