Embedded Power ICs address Motor Control applications

Embedded Power ICs for pumps & fans

The micro learning has an application focus on auxiliary pumps and fans. In detail the key challenges of engine cooling fan, fuel pump and oil pumps are shown and how those can be solved with Infineon’s highly-integrated system-on chip solution.

Automotive auxiliary water pump solution

The double water pump demonstrator shows the advantages of intelligent motor control against mechanical solutions. Intelligent BLDC motor control solution improves efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions. Our Embedded Power ICs (TLE987x) enable smart mechatronic systems based on sensorless FOC.

Embedded Power ICs for closure systems

The micro learning has an application focus on closure systems. It will give an overview about the product families which can be used for window lift and sunroof applications.

Smart motor control solution for Automotive door application

In this video we show a high integrated concept contributing to significant board space savings for decentralized door module addressing window lift and mirror control.


Replacing relays with MOSFETs in Automotive motor applications

Replacing relays with MOSFETs
  • Identify the specific components used in a MOSFET-based application
  • Be aware of what to consider when you replace relays with MOSFETs

Infineon solutions for automotive auxiliary water pumps

water pumps training
  • Find out about the different topologies used for thermal management for different drivetrains
  • Learn which solutions Infineon provides for automotive water pump applications