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Megatrends in automotive and the increasing demand for smart motor control solutions

The number of small electric motors increases continuously with more sophisticated equipment of cars. Hybrid and electric vehicles demanding comprehensive cooling & HVAC systems or self-driving vehicles enabling more passenger comfort boost this development. Watch the video and see the trends.

Infineon offers a large choice of motor control ICs to meet specific design challenges

Infineon is a one-stop-shop for motor control solutions with the broadest portfolio of motor control ICs. Explore the different integration levels from a discrete partitioning to highly-integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions and get the best fit for your requirements.

Embedded Power ICs - Motor Control Applications

The micro learning is an introduction to Infineon Embedded Power ICs. It explains the concept of Embedded Power ICs and shows typical target applications. In addition the key benefits of system-on-chip solutions are explained in detail to understand the value proposition.

#ew19 | smart system-on-chip | brushed DC motor

Learn more about the advantages of our TLE985x. Switch to a MOSFET solution for your application and get the advances of PWM -control, speed- control or even diagnostic features. Everything is integrated in a single 7x7 mm chip.