Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected here for you the most frequently asked questions. 

All about the Application Process

We clearly prefer online applications. 

For most jobs you can apply easily within 90 seconds. You only need your CV or a XING or LinkedIn Account. Otherwise we only ask for your name, email address, password & degree.

Please note: we can not accept applications via email. 

We created a 90 second application and only need few pieces of information from you. 

  1. First name and last name
  2. Email adress 
  3. A secure password: it needs to have a minimum of 8 characters containing at least one upper case, one lower case, one number and one special character
  4. Choose your preferred language: English or German
  5. Your field of study: this makes it easier for us to match your profile to other positions.
  6. Your CV
  7. Optional: your cover letter. It helps us understand your motivation to apply for this job but is not a must-have. Please bear in mind that we allow only 5 MB per uploaded document.
  8. Give us your approval for our talent pool and accept our data privacy policy.

You also have the chance to grant us access to your LinkedIn or XING Profile. The system will automatically pick all necessary data from your profile. Please make sure that your profile is up to date. 

Yes, the application works only with the creation of a profile. Advantage for you: you can easily apply to other positions and log on to add some more documents to your profile. Unfortunately, it is not possible so far to track your application status.

For most jobs, applying through our online form takes 90 seconds at most – and if you already have a XING or LinkedIn profile, you can use it to directly generate your CV.

In all other countries the online application takes appr. 20 minutes. 

As a mandatory document, you only need to have your CV ready. Of course, you can upload additional documents, if you wish.

For most jobs you can have your CV generated from your LinkedIn or XING profile. 

Please note the 5MB limit for each file.

We of course appreciate a convincing application:

The CV

  • We like CVs where we can see on first glance what you are currently doing, and where. Ideally, also your background is stated: what where your previous experiences and what is your educational background? 
  • The order should be: starting with the most recent experience and going backwards in time.
  • Ideally, your CV should have a maximum of 2 page. It should contain only the most importants facts for each experience. 

The Cover Letter

  • If you want to add a cover letter, we do appreciate it - however, this no "must-have" for Infineon.  
  • However, a cover letter is a great chance for you to shine: Why are you the right person for this job? 
  • Thus, a cover letter should never be standardized, but should be adapted for every job you apply. Tell us in short words how your personality & skills matches the job in question.

More information can be found on the following page: Application Tips.

Unfortunately it is not possible to track your application status so far. 

After sending your application, you immediately receive an automatic confirmation. Afterwards it depends on the position. We will contact you as soon as possible, normally after one to two weeks - and keep you up-to-date during the process.

That depends on the position.

We make great efforts to process applications as fast as possible: As a general rule, the time frame from first contact to the final decision takes four to six weeks. 

For positions in Germany and Austria:

After we received your application, our Talent Attraction Manager will review your profile. If there is an ideal match with the position, we will forward your application to the hiring manager. As a next step, there is normally a telephone interview and/or a face-to-face interview at our site. If we all agree, we will then start the contracting process. 

In case your profile is not an ideal match but still very interesting to us, we will add you to one of our talent pools. We will then contact you as soon as there is a new job matching your profile. 

For positions in all other countries:

The process very much depends on the site and position in question. Please take a look at our sites for more information. 

As document review and the selection procedure can demand a certain amount of time, you should ideally apply three months before the intended start date. For professionally experienced applicants, there are frequently interesting opportunities at short notice. 

All new employees are welcomed with a welcome mail and a link to our newcomer pages on the Intranet. This page contains the most important information for new employees, such as company information, tips & tricks for the first days, explanations to the most important IT Tools and many, many more. Additionally, the "New Hire Community" on our internal Social Media Platform helps you to connect (virtually) to other newcomers and employees. At some sites, we offer a so called "Welcome Breakfast" at the beginning of every month, as well as a "New Hire Orientation Day" every quarter. Both events help you getting to know other newcomers at your location and getting to know other departments at Infineon. With all the activities we want to provide you a quick familiarization and a smooth start at Infineon! 

Final Theses, Internships, and Student Jobs

We are on the lookout for engaging, curious students, preferably with technical background, who feel at ease in an international environment and can communicate well in English.  More information about our offerings for students can be found here.

Ideally, an internship lasts between three and six months. If your planned course of study does not accommodate this, you can take a semester of leave if necessary. Practical experience is more important to us than finishing one's degree quickly!

In principle, yes. In this case, however, there is a decentralized application process conducted through the relevant national organizations. The worldwide contact data for our human resources department can be found on the location pages here.

Yes. Depending on the location, we pay between 400 and 1350 Euros monthly. An intern in Munich for example receives 900 EUR as a master student (based on a 35 hour work week). An additional rent stipend is available under some conditions.

Yes. Infineon hires working students both during the academic semester as well as during semester breaks. In this case, we are interested in the longest-term cooperation possible. Current open positions can be found here for Germany and Austria and here for all other countries.

Depending on the location and frequency of your work, we pay between 1,100 and 1,900 Euros monthly (based on a 35 hour work week).

We are on the lookout for engaging, curious students, preferably with technical background, who feel at ease in an international environment and can communicate well in English. For a final thesis at Infineon, it may make sense to first complete an internship or working-student position and then conduct the thesis afterward in the same or a similar department.  

Like internships and jobs, opportunities for advised final theses are also advertised on our job search site those in Germany and Austria can be found here those for all other countries can be found here

Yes. Depending on the location, we pay between 300 and 730 Euros monthly. A student, who writes for example his bachelor thesis in Munich, gets 630 EUR. An additional rent stipend is available under some conditions.

Financial sponsorships are only available in individual circumstances for dual study programs, as well as a few Germany scholarships.  These, however, are awared by the universities. Beyond that, we support the scholarship network of the Foundation of German Business, which awards scholarships to socially engaged students.

Vocational Training and dual study programs

The duration of a vocational training or dual study program depends on each specialisation and varies between 2.5 years and 4 years. You will find further information on our vocational training page


For vocational training and dual study programs in Germany you should apply approx. one year in advance. For vocational training programs in Austria we need your application until the end of February.

If you are interested in a vocational training or a dual study program, we need following documents from you: cover letter, cv and the last two school certificates. If you already have a graduation, we also need this certificate.

The deadline varies from site to site. A rule of thumb is: As long as the job posting is online on, you can apply for it.