Infineon Work Culture Cultivates Belonging

19.08.2022 I Aretha C. Augustine, Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Infineon Americas

Diversity. Inclusion. Belonging. A world where everyone thrives starts with a workplace where everyone belongs. When everyone moves forward together, success takes care of itself. 

The Infineon work culture thrives off of the diverse backgrounds, experiences, orientations, and personalities of our employees, since great minds don’t always think alike. The unique perspectives of our various teammates come together to create the culture of creativity and innovation that powers the important work that we do. It also makes it a pretty inspiring and exciting place to work!!


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Creativity Through Diversity

As a global tech company with employees in 39 different countries, we’re no stranger to diversity. From differences in age and backgrounds to our diverse mindsets, we believe it’s your unique backgrounds, experiences, and ideas which foster true creativity - not the similarities. 

We may be big, but we’re tight-knit. Infineon work culture is shaped by ambitious, innovative minds like your own. Coupled with our thorough set of D&I standards, it’s easy to feel at home. Our international Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) framework further defines our inclusion efforts and equal opportunity culture for employees to be mindful of.  

Celebrating Global Diversity Day

We’re thankful for our global workforce. To celebrate our diverse, international team Infineon had its recent Global Diversity Day in May, 2022 with over 45 informative virtual sessions and 30 hours of educational content on various topics related to Diversity and Inclusion.

 We saw nearly 4,000 registrants sign up for the virtual sessions, held by Infineon’s own employees and managers. 

To close it out, we launched a video featuring Infineon colleagues from across the world to show how our diverse workforce boosts creativity, motivation, and collaboration. Both in and out of the office, we all want to feel a sense of belonging; Global Diversity Day highlighted this basic human need, and showed us how important it is to feel nurtured by the colleagues around us.

Infineon’s Work Culture Prioritizes Equal Opportunity

Lastly, as an equal opportunity employer, we’re committed to a non-prejudicial environment for anyone to grow within. Regardless of your age, physical or mental ability, cultural background, gender, religion and worldview, sexual orientation, or identity, your love for tech and innovative mindset would be an incredible addition to our team. 

Join the team and see for yourself how Infineon work culture puts diversity and inclusion at the top of our priorities!