Our People Philosophy

Insights into Infineon‘s work culture

What is working at Infineon like? What is important to us as a company?



Our People Philosophy makes transparent what type of employer we want to be. It explains how we at Infineon approach people related topics and what one can expect when working for Infineon.

We strive to ensure that each individual lives and exemplifies the standards of the People Philosophy in their daily work. I am convinced that this will contribute immensely to our joint success - Infineon’s success.

Markus Fink Executive Vice President & CHRO

We believe that people create value

Infineon's success is based on the joint efforts, motivation and sum of capabilities of all our employees. We believe that the more engaged people are, the better they perform, and in turn the more creative, productive and innovative they are. The elements of the People Philosophy are designed to create the right conditions for working at Infineon and to positively influence employee engagement. We have explicitly put it on paper to set the bar for ourselves and to continuously measure ourselves against it.

The eight elements of our People Philosophy

The excellence of our organization lies in its unique strengths and diversity. We embrace the power of diversity to make Infineon more successful. Inclusion is part of our everyday business and manifests in an environment where people feel comfortable and can speak their minds.

Leading at Infineon means to act across boundaries, both virtual and physical. This requires being authentic, open to new experiences, curious, and acting as role models. A culture of trust enables but also expects employees to take responsibility. Leaders act as mentors and coaches for their employees. Leaders take ownership for their organizations. Leaders create the environment in which employees act and have the influence to increase people engagement.

We can move mountains as a team. When employees come together as teams and teams turn into organizations – that is the foundation of a people oriented company. Thus, we need every employee and leader to contribute to building this foundation while collaborating closely.

We encourage an open and honest feedback culture and facilitate exchange. Feedback is essential to foster innovation and a culture of collaboration, trust and dialog.

We want to foster the full potential of our people to outperform competition. We offer a variety of individual learning and development opportunities to grow talent and build competencies for our future success. Employees must take responsibility for their own development and drive their careers, while leaders empower employees to develop and succeed.

Effectively designed organizations with transparent targets and clear roles and responsibilities, where everyone knows their contribution to Infineon’s success are key. We build the foundation to be able to team up for best results and deliver high-performances. A future working environment, shaped by our relationships and needs, allows us more flexibility and agility, but it also requires more adaptability and responsibility from each of us. We live up to our governance and compliance responsibilities in our roles.

Our employees’ health and well-being matter to us. Recognizing the demands of work and life, we are dedicated to providing the right conditions for a safe and healthy working environment: comprehensive medical, health protection and health promotion services, and a culture of health and well-being. Employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their positive health behavior.

At Infineon, we often go the extra mile to achieve our ambitious targets. Our market-competitive and performance-based compensation and benefits model supports us in providing employees with recognition and rewards for their work. We share risks and success with our employees through strong correlation between compensation and company success.