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Today’s digitally connected world places high demands on data processing, transmission and storage. Specifically, the telecommunication networks, data centers and servers – data processing’s backbone – continually push for more bandwidth and greater energy efficiency, with no end in sight. At the same time, customers request top-performing equipment with an increasingly smaller footprint – yet another factor your designs need to accommodate.

Our world’s growing dependence on data processing in a host of applications, such as computing and storage, communication switches and routers, and wireless communication, also affects your designs. In this day and age, people and businesses expect stable, continuous service, which is why a data processing system must be exceptionally reliable. The takeaway for you and your designs: to achieve success, you must engineer data processing systems that are high performance, highly efficient and contain a high power density. Infineon can help you do just that.

Advance your design with data processing solutions from Infineon

By sourcing data processing components from Infineon, you can ensure your designs meet your requirements. Our leading-edge power conversion products support multiple data processing engines to deliver maximum robustness and highest energy efficiency – precisely what the market is looking for. Benefit from our proprietary FET technology, available as a discrete FET or integrated in power stages and regulators, for industry-leading efficiency. Also unique to the data processing market: our PMBus-enabled digital regulators that offer enhanced reliability testing and in-field diagnostics.

Explore your application of interest for more information, product specifications and reference designs.

Data processing in a connected world

Data processing system diagram

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