A strong signal for the future

Infineon builds one of the largest semiconductor factories in Europe in Dresden

With the construction of the new Smart Power Fab, Infineon is making the largest investment in its history. The semiconductor manufacturer's aim is to increase the speed at which it expands its semiconductor production capacities. Infineon is therefore building one of the largest semiconductor factories in Europe at its Dresden site. This is an important contribution to meeting the growing global demand for semiconductors - for example for applications to generate renewable energy, for use in data centres and for electromobility.

Setting standards with sustainability

Infineon has already taken important steps towards CO2 neutrality in its production. This includes the existing buildings and production facilities in Dresden as well as the construction of the new Smart Power Fab. Thanks to intelligent solutions, Infineon's Dresden site has already reduced its consumption of electrical energy by around ten per cent and heating energy by over 60 per cent in recent years. This is just the beginning: in the coming years, significant savings are expected in air conditioning, compressed air, water treatment and heating systems. In future, the Smart Power Fab will set standards in terms of the consumption of important resources such as energy and water. The investment in Dresden is part of Infineon's strategy to become CO2-neutral by 2030.

Current construction work

For the Smart Power Fab, the builders are going up to 22 metres deep into the earth and rock. There are good reasons for going deep. These include the 18 metre difference in height between the ground floor level of the existing production buildings and that of the southern boundary of the factory site. In addition, some of the foundations rest directly on the rocks below the Dresdner Heide. This minimises vibrations from passing trains and trams, for example. Because a large number of transistors are applied to one square millimetre of a chip in the clean rooms, even the slightest vibrations are disruptive. Further information on this topic can be found here.

A passionate manager

As project manager, Holger Hasse is working in a key position for the largest construction project in Infineon's history, the Smart Power Fab. The focus is on building and equipping the 20,000 square metre clean room. - In addition, there is a much larger area for the technical infrastructure. This construction management is a balancing act: Holger Hasse's mission is to keep a constant eye on costs, quality and time in the new building project and to take countermeasures in the event of deviations. Without his constantly growing team, the task would be impossible.

The Smart Power Fab is funded by the European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Saxony. Sponsors: European Union, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag and the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport.