MOTIX™ Low-Level Driver

Effective initialization of hardware modules and their configuration during the runtime.

The Low-level Driver for MOTIX™ MCU products enables users to initialize and configure the hardware modules. It contains a file pair (.c/.h file) per module, which enables initialization of hardware modules using the available multiple modules depending on the device and their configuration during runtime through the provided APIs.

The Low-Level Driver is available for MOTIX™ TLE987x MCU family as demo code for free of charge evaluation as well as a qualified and fully documented Software package for productive use under commercial license agreement from MOTIX™ Software partner MOTEON.

The qualified Low Level Driver package includes:

  • Source Code deployed as CMSIS Pack
  • User Documentation
  • Architecture
  • Example Application
  • Static Code Analysis Report
  • Unit Test Report

To obtain the qualified TLE987x Low-Level Driver package and in case you are located in EMEA or America please MOTEON.

Get your free of charge TLE987x Low-Level Driver demo code as Package installer of the Arm® Keil® µVision tool chain. Download and install Keil Arm® Keil® µVision from here. For installation video tutorial, click here.

Global support

If you are located outside EMEA or America please contact your Infineon regional sales representative in order to find the best cooperation partner.