MOTIX™ Low-Level Driver

Effective initialization of hardware modules and their configuration during the runtime.

MOTIX™ Low-level Driver enable users to initialize and configure hardware modules of MOTIX™ MCU devices with access to source code and versatile APIs. The Low-Level Driver configuration and project integration is supported by MOTIX™ Config Wizard and an SDK within KEIL µVison IDE to allow fast getting started and evaluation.

MOTX™ Low-Level Driver are co-developed with MOTIX™ Motor Control Library for optimized application performance. Release versions for various MOTIX™ MCU devices are available for free evaluation as CMSIS device support packages in KEIL µVision IDE and supported by a SDK (Installation tutorial). To obtain licenses for development or productive use including comprehensive user, test and verification documentation please contact MOTEON.


Global support

If you are outside EMEA or the Americas please contact your Infineon regional sales representative in order to find the best cooperation partner.