Low-Level Driver

Effective initialization of hardware modules and their configuration during the runtime.

The Low-level driver for MOTIX™ MCU products enables users to initialize and configure the hardware modules. It contains a file pair (.c/.h file) per module, which enables initialization of hardware modules using the available multiple modules depending on the device and their configuration during runtime through the provided APIs.

The Low-Level Driver is offered as a demo code; however, customers can also get access to additional documentation and test reports in the Quality package. The free package contains the source code, the documentation, the API documentation and release notes.

The Quality package of Low-level driver for MOTIX™ MCU products provides full comprehensive documentation along with the source code and exceptional support from Infineon. The documentation bundled consists of MISRA exceptions report, which contains justifications and detailed explanations to disabled MISRA rules, unit test reports and integration test report showing that all tests PASS before release.

Other than the access to source code and comprehensive package of documentation, with support and maintenance license, Infineon covers support during normal business hours via any accessible service such as telephone and email in the quality package. And, it also includes access to annual maintenance release which includes bugfixes and updates.

Communication software stacks (LIN, CAN) are provided by IHR, Vector, etc. (COM LDD).

Low level driver can be found in the Package installer of the Arm® Keil® µVision tool chain. Download and install Keil Arm® Keil® µVision from here

For installation video tutorial, click here

To obtain Quality package of Low-level driver, please contact MOTEON.

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