MOTIX™ Motor Control Library

Modular library of motor control functions and algorithms for productive use in automotive systems

MOTIX™ Motor Control Library

With MOTIX™ Motor Control Library users get source code access to configurable, qualified components, performance optimized for MOTIX™ MCU devices in motor control applications like pumps, fans or compressors. The Library supports static and dynamic/ runtime motor parametrization with MOTIX™ Tools to fit various motor specifications and application use cases.

The architecture of MOTIX™ Motor Control Library features modular components in layers of HW abstraction of e.g. ADC current measurement, mathematical functions, basic Actuator/ Sensor functions like SVM, algorithms for various motor operating points and complete solutions composed from this. The library as well supports implementation of motor control diagnosis and inverter protection functions.

MOTIX™ Motor Control Library is developed and assessed according to Automotive SPICE and compliant to MISRA C:2012 coding standards. Release versions for Field oriented control (FOC) solutions are available for free evaluation. To obtain licenses for development or productive use including comprehensive user, test and verification documentation please contact MOTEON.


Global support

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