MOTIX™ Motor Control Library

Modular library of motor control functions and algorithms for productive use in automotive systems

MOTIX™ Motor Control Library enables users to control and define functional performance of various Infineon microcontrollers through its modularized software architecture and platform. Featuring a PC-tool interface users can carry out configuration with ease to get their motor spinning and demonstrate microcontroller performance successfully in application.

The layered architecture of MOTIX™ Motor Control Library features motor control solutions composed from underling functions and algorithms and more integrated framework and diagnosis functions. As well part of the library is a microcontroller abstraction layer including mathematical functions fitting authorized Infineon microcontrollers and respective low-level drivers.

MOTIX™ Motor Control Library is developed according to Automotive SPICE and compliant with MISRA C coding standards. Release versions are available for single shunt field oriented control (FOC) solutions for MOTIX™ TLE987x and TLE989x devices.

With a free of charge evaluation option user can access the library source code (.c/.h files) and run examples on TLE98x evaluation kits.

Productive use is possible under commercial license agreement from MOTIX™ Software partner MOTEON.

The free of charge evaluation option includes:

  • Source code deployed as Keil µVision project including examples for FOC and LIN/ CAN communication
  • Getting started and user documentation

Under commercial productive license you get:

  • Source code deployed as Keil µVision project including examples for FOC
  • Comprehensive user manual with detailed API descriptions
  • Verification reports for software unit and integration tests with full requirement traceability
  • Black Duck Report
  • Release notes

Get your free of charge MOTIX™ Motor Control Library demo via Infineon Developer Center.

To obtain productive licenses for MOTIX™ Motor Control Library and in case you are located in EMEA or Americas please contact MOTIX™ Software partner MOTEON.

Global support

If you are outside EMEA or the Americas please contact your Infineon regional sales representative in order to find the best cooperation partner.