Sustain Our Planet – Design Challenge by Infineon and element14

Infineon and the element14 community have come up with an exciting new Design Challenge that will speak to your creativity and imagination. The aim is to “Sustain Our Planet” with innovative, inspiring designs featuring the following Challenge Kit products from Infineon:

In the first step, we are calling on all element14 community members to come up with creative, thought-provoking design blueprints. You are free to add your own sensors and actuators to the above list of solutions from Infineon. Your project plan should be as detailed as possible.

We are interested in all proposals with the potential to make life easier, safer and greener. Think buoys to monitor microplastics, maritime pollution monitors, litter and carbon detectors, self-compacting trash cans, trash collection bots … you get the idea. It’s a fun task with no limits to your creative powers.

Along with the element14 team, a panel of Infineon experts will then select the 20 most promising ideas and these successful applicants will receive the Infineon Challenge Kit free of charge. We ask that these “sponsored challengers” document their build process through their own element14 blog. By blogging your build progress, you will be contributing to the knowledge base of our community and showcasing the reach and creative possibilities of our kits and toolchains.

At the end of the competition, the sponsored challengers are asked to package up their project and submit it to the jury. In addition to the opportunity to build a rapport with other challengers and gain the respect of the element14 community at large, there are plenty of exciting prizes to be won. The element14 and Infineon panel of judges will award a finishing prize to all challengers who complete their project within the given timeframe and post at least 10 entries to their blog. Media-rich posts with photos, videos and code samples will score extra points from the judges. There will be a runner-up prize for second place and a first-place prize for the overall winner.

So put on your thinking caps and sign up for the latest Design Challenge hosted by element14 and Infineon. Your ideas have the power to make a real difference.

The first place wins:

  1. 500USD donated to the charity of your choice
  2. 100 trees planted (100USD)
  3. Envirocycle home composter (270USD)
  4. Click and grow home smart IoT garden (250USD)
  5. Reusable metal straw and cutlery Set (10USD)

The runner up place wins:

  1. 250USD donated to the charity of your choice
  2. 100 trees planted (100USD)
  3. Click and grow home smart IoT garden (250USD)
  4. Reusable metal straw and cutlery set (10USD)

Finisher price:

 A finisher is anyone who finishes the project, writes 10 blogs and submits it (this is fairly unlimited, as non-sponsored challengers can also be a finisher)

  1. Solar USB charger battery bank (40USD)
  2. 10 Trees planted per finisher (10USD)

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