Artificial Intelligence at Infineon: A key to our digital future

Semiconductors + AI = Everything is becoming smarter!

Artificial Intelligence is a key technology of the digital age. As a leading semiconductor manufacturer, Infineon is well positioned to fully realize AI’s potential in different tech domains. We channel AI’s powers towards three major goals:

  • AI enables us to offer smart products and services to our customers.
  • By using AI in our manufacturing, we can produce our semiconductor solutions faster and more efficiently.
  • AI contributes to both - our company goals as well as our societal goals. With the help of AI, we can provide smart and energy-efficiency solutions to the Internet of Things, sustainble mobility and the whole electrical energy chain.

By leveraging AI, we make the world easier, safer and greener!

Nico Kelling,
Head of Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence at Infineon

AI is a vital element for Infineon’s future. At the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence, we connect Infineon’s AI enthusiasts to learn faster together. We drive the most exiting AI use cases forward and explore new ways to use AI in every part of our company – as a smart way to run our business and for creating outstanding customer solutions!

Which AI solutions does Infineon provide?

AI is the key to human machine interfaces. With our hardware, we can imitate the human senses: When we add AI to our sensors, we create smart feel, a smart taste, a smart eye, a smart nose and a smart ear. This opens the doors to a range of application fields in edge computing and IoT:   

Infineon empowers you to design your own AI solutions!

With our enabling AI, we support our customers to invent their own applications, combining our soft- and hardware solutions for their own state-of-the-art AI use cases. We provide flexible tools and modular libraries to easily optimize, validate and deploy deep learning models from popular training frameworks on Infineon’s ultra-low power microcontrollers.

By bringing AI to the edge, Infineon champions data privacy, latency, energy efficiency and overall system reliability.  

How does Infineon use AI?

With AI, we boost our company’s performance!

Infineon is driving its digital transformation forward. In the past years, we have made major leaps, setting benchmarks for the semiconductor industry. Now, we strive for the next level of a fully data-driven company and use key digital technologies for how we invent, develop, manufacture and sell our products.

  • Research and Development: Our product development is empowered by AI. This makes us faster, improves the cost performance of our products and helps to verify that the products meet their requirements. As AI covers the more repetitive parts in development, this offers even more space for our talent’s creativity

  • Customer Services: Our AI-driven assistants support our customers to configure our products best and speed-start! For instance, our ‘Virtual Field Application Engineer’ finds the right settings for each use case. This increases time-to-market and reliability for our customers.

  • Corporate Functions: We use AI throughout our central functions to manage knowledge, analyze tech trends and forecast the future for superior decision-making in finance, accounting, audit, sales and marketing. In this way, AI empowers our employ.
  • Manufacturing: We advance our chip-manufacturing excellence with AI’s powers for data-driven decision making. We use smart analytics and operations data for image classification, virtual tests, predictive maintenance and root cause analysis. In this way, AI supports our zero-defect culture, equipment stability and the fast delivery of our products.

  • Supply Chain: Semiconductor manufacturing needs a highly responsive global supply chain – or as we call it: a global virtual fab. In our supply chain management, we are working with advanced machine learning capabilities to optimize our forecast and a global production network that increases our flexibility. The result: a resilient, end-to-end supply chain that is tailored to our customers’ needs.

    Infineon not only enables AI applications, but also applies AI in more than 100 use cases within its organization.

A-I-nnovation Ecosystem

How does Infineon innovate on AI? We want to connect with you on future AI solutions!

Developing AI is a team effort - we innovate on AI with a multitude of partners in the global innovation ecosystem: Our solutions are empowered by the creativity of start-ups, collaboration spaces, co-creation programs, private and public AI initiatives.

Connect with us through our innovation centers in the US, Singapore, Austria and Germany to co-A-I-nnovate!

You can also simply drop us a line:

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AI Careers

Infineon is an exciting home to AI talents worldwide! Have a look at our latest job openings for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science and many more in related fields.

At Infineon you will find a breadth of AI fields to dive into: Our AI experts co-design future chips, make our sensors smart, create intelligent fabs, and turn big data into strategic business decisions. We welcome versatile and specialized AI innovators alike, and offer attractive career paths for AI scientists, engineers and business experts.

Join us on Infineon’s AI journey to make the world easier, safer and greener!


Infineon’s Nico Kelling (Head of AI Center of Excellence) and Lamin Ben-Hamdane (Head of Start-up Cooperation) were invited to TUM Venture Lab’s Podcast ‘Entrepreneurial Realities’. They shared how AI start-ups can benefit from working together with Infineon and on future trends for the semiconductor industry. Infineon’s Head of the AI Center of Excellence joins the board of BIKTKOM’s AI Working Group. As Germany’s digital association, BITKOM represents more than 2,000 companies of the digital economy. The working group’s two-year term stands under the motto „AI beyond the Hype: The Path from Innovation to Production” and will focus on the following key topics:
• Increasing the maturity of AI use cases in companies and their successful scaling
• AI talent strategies – fostering the pipeline in Germany
• AI Ethics – how to deal responsibly with the power of AI
Congratulations to the new AI board!
Infineon joins TUM.AI’s Makeathon on “AI for Social Good”. Cecilia Carbonelli, System and Algorithm Architect, will give a talk on environmental sensing. In the session, colleagues will also give insights on how AI is leveraged for sustainability goals @Infineon. Our team is excited to be on the stage of the largest student-organized Makeathon in Germany! Infineon is looking forward to the first in-person AI event after 2 years! We will be hosting our annual AI conference at Munich’s finest innovation space: The Urban Colab. We will gather our AI talents to exchange on a variety of topics: IoT, Operations, Automation of 3D simulation, optimization methods, computational material design and more! Enabling AI at scale will be our focus this year. A high-caliber line-up of start-ups and academic partners will join. Stay tuned for more details!