Infineon to make Singapore our global AI innovation hub by 2023

AI will be our foundation for the next 50 years.  Our vision to transform Infineon in Singapore to be a global AI innovation hub by 2023.  This is aligned not only to our company’s digital transformation journey, but also with Singapore’s push to be a Smart Nation.

To prepare for a digital future, this innovation hub will empower our Singapore workforce to be capable of deploying and developing AI solutions in all business functions. More than 1,000 employees will be upskilled and around 25 unique AI projects covering the entire value chain of activities in Singapore will be deployed by 2023.

Infineon in Singapore has always been ready to adopt new technologies and drive digital transformation. Now, we are at the cusp of a new decade – 2021 and beyond. We plan to accelerate our digital transformation which will benefit Infineon, our employees, our ecosystem, and Singapore. Infineon’s journey of digital transformation is not alone. We are in close collaboration with our ecosystem to empower the community forward. Ultimately, we want to make life easier, safer and greener for everyone.

ARISE to establish a global AI innovation hub

The time is right for us to accelerate this digital transformation journey now. This accelerated transformation journey will take about 3 years. We will be preparing our talents for the future – more than 1,000 employees to be upskilled, new AI projects for them to work on and collaborations with the ecosystem in Singapore.

Our AI journey is structured and comprehensive. We call it  -- ARISE.  ARISE will help us attain our goal to establish a global AI innovation hub in Singapore.

Strengthening Singapore’s AI ecosystem

Working with key AI organizations for:

  • training and professional qualifications
  • development of AI competencies
  • Identification of suitable start-ups for Infineon

Working with businesses: 

  • Collaborate with startups
  • Engage with semiconductor and electronic industries

We will pro-actively engage with the semiconductor, electronics, and innovation ecosystems in Singapore through collaborations with key AI organizations, businesses and startups, institutes of higher learning, and research institutions on new AI solutions. These organizations can work on actual problem statements by leveraging Infineon’s rich datasets to build their solutions


Tan Teong Wei
Senior Director